The Karnataka Story… More thrill than IPL, who will be crowned? People’s mandate coming today

Karnataka election has reached its final stage. The results are about to come, the heartbeat of both Congress and BJP is fast. Who will be crowned, this question is coming in everyone’s mind.

Karnataka election has reached its final stage. The results are about to come, the heartbeat of both Congress and BJP is fast. Who will be crowned, this question is coming in everyone’s mind. To say it is a southern state, the politics here is different from North India, the issues are local, but still there is so much political content that the election has become more exciting than any IPL match for everyone. Due to two reasons, this time this match of Karnataka has become a super hit.

The first reason is the VIP SEATS of the state where veterans are competing with veterans. The second reason is that the impact of Karnataka elections is not going to be limited to the state only and it is going to have great political significance for both BJP and Congress. First let us know about the VIP seats of Karnataka-


Varuna is the stronghold of Siddaramaiah. He has won elections many times from here. This time again Congress has made him its candidate from here. He belongs to the Korba community and has a strong presence among the backward castes as well. BJP has fielded V Somanna from here. He is a prominent Lingayat leader and has been associated with the party for a long time. Last time Siddaramaiah’s son contested from Varuna. He had also registered victory, but now again father i.e. Siddaramaiah is batting from here.


One aspect of every election is who is the richest leader. Who has the most money? Congress’s DK Shivkumar’s name also figures in that list. Presently there is Congress President in Karnataka and CM contenders are also being told. Kanakpur is his area only. He is an MLA from here for seven times. Former PM Deve Gowda’s caste Voklinga has big faces, once again the party has reposed faith in him. BJP has given a chance to 65 year old R Ashoka from this seat. Whenever big leaders of the Voklinga community are talked about in the party, their names remain at the top. That is, the contest in Kanakpur is Voclinga versus Voclinga.


Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai is the candidate from SHIGGAON seat. It is the seat of the CM, so it is bound to have a high profile. Congress has given ticket to Yasir Ahmed Khan from here. JDS has also fielded Shashidhar Channabasappa. That is, the competition has become triangular. Basavaraj has been winning from here for three times, so would definitely like to hit a four.


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HD Kumaraswamy has been winning from this seat, considered a JDS stronghold, since 2004. Many candidates have come and gone after losing to him, which means it is a seat of prestige for the party and HD Kumaraswamy. Once again Kumaraswamy is striking the chord from here. To besiege them, the BJP has fielded CP Yogeshwar and the Congress has fielded Gangadhar. If JDS comes in the role of kingmaker, then once again Kumaraswamy has a big chance to become the CM.


The biggest face of BJP, BS Yeddyurappa, this is his constituency. He has started Lingayat politics in this area in such a way that he is considered the biggest leader of this community. The big thing is that he himself has announced his retirement, which means he is not contesting the elections. This time his son BY Vijendra is doing the work of carrying forward his legacy. It is said that since Yeddyurappa’s health has not been good, for this reason only his sons are looking after all the work for a long time. In such a situation, he has also become a popular face for BJP. Congress has fielded GB MALATESH to give a fight to Vijender.


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By the way, Jagdish Shettar’s Hubli Dharwad Central seat can also be counted in VIP SEATS. It is a different matter that this time he is batting on behalf of Congress instead of BJP. Similarly, Priyank Kharge, son of Mallikarjun Khadge, is trying his luck from Chittapur.

Why Karnataka elections are necessary for Congress before 2024

Now the direct impact of victory or defeat in this election is going to be on the next year’s Lok Sabha elections as well. It can be understood that the Congress has not been able to perform in the last several elections in such a way that it can be seen as a strong contender. Politically the last big state was Gujarat. But his condition was very bad there. In such a situation, the opposition unity that is being talked about before 2024, Karnataka is going to decide how big a role the Congress will play in it. A victory will again put the party on the driving seat and its Bargaining Power in front of other parties will increase significantly.

The road to Lok Sabha is from the south, BJP’s big concern

On the other hand, it is very important for BJP to win in Karnataka. This state has got the party’s entry in the politics of South. If it slips out of hand, then it simply means – BYE BYE of BJP from South. In 2024, it is not necessary that BJP should again perform like the last Lok Sabha elections, it should get the same number of seats from every state. In such a situation, whatever loss will be there, it will be compensated from other states. In that situation, only the states of the South can cross the political boat of BJP.

What do exit polls say?

All the exit polls that have been done regarding the Karnataka elections, one message is coming out clearly – Congress has an edge over BJP, this time its strong possibility of forming the government is also being expressed. Of the total 10 exit polls that have come out, five are definitely pointing towards the Hung Assembly, but are telling the Congress as the biggest party. BJP is being given majority in just one exit poll, which means that alarm bells have definitely rung for the country’s largest party. Congress has got the maximum number of seats according to the exit polls of Axis My India. If that forecast turns out to be correct, then the Congress can win up to 140 seats by performing its best. At the same time, the exit poll of Today’s Chanakya has also given 120 seats to the Congress, which means a clear majority.

Now the decision will be taken in a few hours if the exit polls will also come out. The counting of votes will start at eight in the morning and the results will be clear by noon, that is, it will be known who is going to be crowned in this political battle of Karnataka.


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