The Kerala Story: Ada Sharma disclosed, mobile number leaked on the Internet, told how the messages used to come?

Adah Sharma On Number Leaked: ‘The Kerala Story’ fame actress Adah Sharma has revealed that her mobile number has been leaked on the internet. It is being said that he has done this intentionally.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the film ‘The Kerala Story’ directed by Sudipto Sen. In the past, the film was opposed by Bajrang Dal. In such a situation, it has now been revealed that the number of actress Adah Sharma has been leaked on the internet. It is being said that the actress has deliberately leaked her number on social media. According to the news, it is being told that after the number leak, Adah Sharma has received hundreds of phone calls and messages. Along with this, the actress has also received threats in some messages. In such a situation, now the reaction of the actress has come to the fore.

Regarding the leaked phone number of ‘The Kerala Story’ fame actress Adah Sharma, it is being said that her contact details have been shared with an Instagram account named ‘jhamunda_bolte’. However, now this page has also been deactivated. But its screenshot is still going viral on social media. Adah Sharma’s fans have also demanded action against that user. According to the report of Hindustan Times, the actress has given her reaction on this matter and said that ‘she is feeling like those girls whose photos are tampered with’. His number is leaked. Whoever does all this shows his dirty mentality.


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Not only this, the actress recalls a scene from ‘The Kerala Story’ and says that ‘she remembers a scene regarding this matter that in the film she is threatened for making her phone number public’.


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Adah Sharma will change the number

Along with this, Ada Sharma said that she is going to change her number as well. It is in process. On behalf of the actress, it was said that they have come to know that the person who leaked her number has also been involved in many wrong activities. At the same time, the actress has also agreed that all this happened because of the film. However, he has also said to stand by the movie. She says that national security is in danger. Leaking of numbers is a small example of terrorism.


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