The lion attacked the cow, the farmer saved his life like this; watch video

A person passing by on the road made a video of the incident. The incident is being told of Somnath in Gujarat.

Wild animals often enter residential areas and make animals their prey. Due to this the farmers have to bear heavy losses. Meanwhile, a video has surfaced on social media in which a lion has attacked a cow and the farmer is trying to save it. Eventually the hard work of the farmer paid off and the lion had to run away leaving the cow.

Gujarat’s video is going viral

The video is said to be from Gujarat, a lion is hunting a cow and the cow is trying to free itself from its clutches. When a farmer saw this, he tried to save her. The farmer didn’t even have a stick in his hand but he started trying to save the cow and the lion ran away as soon as he saw it in front of him.

This is how the farmer saved his life

The lion did not leave the cow when the farmer shouted and came forward, but as soon as the farmer threw a stone towards the lion, the lion ran away leaving the cow. A person passing through the same road made a video of the incident. The incident is being told of Somnath in Gujarat.

A Twitter user named Bharatvasi wrote, ‘These farmers are the real lions of India. Will never bow down. Another user wrote, ‘He is a farmer with more courage than the people with the car, who is engaged in saving the life of mother cow and saved it too.’ A Twitter user wrote, ‘So now will the lion die of hunger if the cow is saved? This is the cycle of nature, humans should not obstruct it.


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Another wrote, ‘People with cars could have also come forward to help save the cow but didn’t. The cow survived. It is very pleasant. A Twitter user named Virender wrote, ‘Only a farmer or a laborer can do such a courageous act.’ A user named Ramesh wrote, ‘Farmers are the real heroes of our country.’


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