The lives of 194 passengers were narrowly saved, the plane’s door opened in the middle of the sky

The airline said in a statement that police have taken into custody the unidentified person who opened the door.

The door of a South Korean flight opened in the sky during the flight. However, the aircraft was later successfully landed. A passenger opened a door on an Asiana Airlines flight but the plane later landed safely at a South Korean airport, airline and government officials said. The Transport Ministry said some people on board tried to stop the man from opening the door but it was partially opened.

A total of 194 people were on board the aircraft. The plane carrying 194 people was on its way to the southeastern city of Daegu from the southern island of Jeju. A flight of this distance usually takes about an hour and how long the door was open has not been disclosed.

The airline said in a statement that police have taken into custody the unidentified person who opened the door. What was the motive of that person to open the door, it is not yet known. The passengers on the plane included athletes who were on their way to compete in track and field events in the southeastern city of Ulsan. Asiana and transport ministry officials said the incident scared some passengers but no one was injured. However, some passengers were admitted to the hospital for first aid.


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South Korean media reported that the time of the incident was unclear, but the plane’s door was opened at around 12:45 local time (03:45 GMT) at the end of the flight. A video shared by a passenger on social media shows a gap in the side of the plane and buffeting winds of seated passengers. Local media reported that several school children were also on board the plane.

A spokeswoman for Asiana Airlines said the incident happened minutes before the plane was about to land. A male passenger sitting next to the emergency door opened a cover and pulled a lever, which opened the door. The aircraft was approximately 200 m (656 ft) above the ground when the incident occurred.


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