The man was going to commit suicide, the police saved his life by becoming ‘mercy’; watch video

A man locked himself in a room and was about to hang himself, the relatives informed the police. The promptness of the police saved the life of the person.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur, a man was going to commit suicide by locking himself in a room after a domestic dispute. This information was given to the police, the police reached the spot and saved the life of the person who was going to hang himself by breaking the door in film style. A video of this is also going viral on social media.

Saharanpur’s case, police’s promptness saved lives

The case pertains to Gagalhedi police station area of ​​Saharanpur district, where a man locked himself in a room due to domestic violence and was about to hang himself. The man’s wife informed Dial 112 about this. In a hurry, the policemen reached the person’s house. After this the policemen broke the door with their feet.

A little delay could not save a person’s life!

When the door opened, the man was preparing to hang himself. The policemen caught him, overpowered him and brought him out of the room. He was made to sit down and pacified and explained. It is clearly known from watching the video that if the police had reached a little late, then the life of the person could hardly have been saved.

A Twitter user wrote, ‘Very good commendable step, you have saved a person’s life by reaching in time, explain him well that he should not do this again in future.’ Shakti Singh wrote, ‘After the husband-wife quarrel, the husband tried to commit suicide by closing the door, the policemen reached in time and broke the door and saved his life. Good job Saharanpur police.


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A Twitter user named Akhilesh wrote, ‘There are such brave soldiers in UP Police who have saved the reputation of UP Police in today’s time. Heartfelt salutations to such a young soldier. Another wrote, ‘Very commendable work, both the police officers have reminded me of Inspector Daya.’ Another Twitter user wrote, “Looks like a film’s shooting is going on.”


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