The media is very upset with your government, because… know why Arun Puri asked this question to PM Modi

India Today Conclave: You will also be shocked to hear just one line in the initial part of India Today Group Chairman Arun Puri’s talk.

India Today Conclave: Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the India Today Conclave on Saturday (March 18). During this, Chairman of India Today Group Arun Puri welcomed Prime Minister Modi. During this, Arun Puri addressed Prime Minister Modi at the India Today Conclave and said that he welcomes him to come here for the 7th time. During his welcome speech, Arun Puri said many things, but during this he said something to the Prime Minister regarding the media that you will be shocked to hear only one line of the initial part of his entire speech.

Arun Puri said to Prime Minister Modi Modi, “Sir, if you don’t mind, I want to say one thing, the media is very upset with your government”, after saying this he paused for a while and then said, “Yes, because there is no information from your government. There are no leaks like it used to happen with previous governments, because no one knows who will become your PM candidate, and who will become the Chief Minister of the state, no news comes out.

What did Arun Puri say next

Arun Puri, Chairman of India Today Group, further said, “Pardon the blasphemy, but I also thought how would you respond to this, so maybe you would say Arun bhai, why should I run your shop?” Should not be too soft with each other.

PM Modi counted achievements

During this, Prime Minister Modi listed the achievements of his government and said that today all the experts say in one voice, this is India’s time. During this, Prime Minister Modi said that I had said from the Red Fort 20 months ago, this is the time, the right time. He said that today the world’s big economists, analysts, thinkers, all are saying that It is India’s Moment.


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Regarding the media, Prime Minister Modi said, “Earlier there was more news of scams, today there is news of action on corrupt people.” He said that India is rapidly moving towards development.


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