The person reached to eat samosa in America, seeing the price said – come on, let’s go back to Bihar; watch video

Seeing the price of samosa in America is about 500 rupees, the young man says that in Bihar it costs 20 rupees for two samosas, here it is very expensive.

Bihar is being discussed a lot not only in the country but also in foreign countries. Bihar’s dialect, people’s behavior and food are discussed a lot. One such video is going viral in which a foreigner is missing Bihar over samosas. This video is being watched a lot on Instagram and people have given their reactions on it.

Foreign citizen was shocked to see the price of samosa

It can be seen in the video that a foreign youth has reached America’s restaurant to eat something. As soon as he checks the menu of the hotel, he starts talking about going to Bihar. In fact, seeing the price of samosa in America is about 500 rupees, the young man says that in Bihar it costs 20 rupees for two samosas, here it is costing 500 rupees. The young man says let’s go back to Bihar brother.

People were shocked to see English speaking

Talking in English fluently by a foreign national is shocking to the people, along with this young man mentioned Bihar for samosas. This is the reason why this video has been viewed a lot and Indian people have given a lot of reactions. This video has been shared by Drew Hicks on his Instagram.


The restaurant worker spit in the food. When the video went viral, the police came into action; people also got angry

Reactions from social media users

A user wrote that this brother turned out to be an American Bihari. A user named Prateek Karan wrote, “Hey brother, how did you miss Litti Chokha?” A user named Abhishek wrote that hey brother, where did he go to Bihar, had he come to UP, he would have got 2 samosas out of 10. A user named Shubham wrote that you heard this foreigner? They are speaking good and clear English from Indian people.

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Another user wrote, I am happy to see that even in America, samosa is called samosa. A user named Nitish Dubey wrote that he seems to have gone in the wrong circle. Please tell that most of the users commenting on this video are inviting the person to come back to Bihar and have also offered to feed him samosas for free.


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