The person was doing a stunt of getting fire out of his mouth, the whole mouth started burning; then saved life like this

Please tell that 2.4 million people have seen this video so far. The video has been shared by a Twitter user on his account.

If there is even a little carelessness while doing stunts, then life gets in trouble. Anyway, it is said not to play with fire because it is not in everyone’s control. At present, one such video is going viral in which a small mistake of a person performing a stunt can cost his life.

Fire in the mouth, the stunt was heavy

It is seen in the viral video that the person is ready to perform the stunt of extracting fire from his mouth. There are many other people around who are probably standing watching the stunt. As soon as a person puts fire out of his mouth, the fire starts in his mouth too. His beard was probably on fire.

people saved lives

As the people present there saw that the person performing the stunt was on fire, they ran to save him and soon saved him. It can be seen in the video that the person is panicked after the fire broke out. However, people saved this accident from getting bigger. The video of this entire incident is going viral on social media.

User Feedback

One user wrote that this is what happens when your beard tries to kill itself because it hates your face. Another user wrote that when I was 14 my face was badly burnt so I was literally crying seeing it. @Defn28 User wrote that one should not play with fire, can prove to be dangerous.


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Another user wrote that after the fire broke out, most of the people standing there were just busy making videos. Blessed are those who ran to save. Please tell that 2.4 million people have seen this video so far. The video has been shared by @Peop1eSurvive user on his account.


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