The pet dog was gone when the woman returned from her trip. When she checked the CCTV, she was shocked

When a woman returned from a trip with her daughter, she found that her dog was missing. The woman left after entrusting her husband with her care. The husband said the dog had run away, but knowing the truth, the woman lost her mind.
If you’re in a better relationship, you don’t try to enter your partner’s personal space. But often, because of certain doubts, people take such steps. Recently, a woman shared a similar story on social media. Without revealing her name on Reddit, she recounted what happened when she returned from a trip some time ago.
ripped the leash off my hand in the park”.

The woman related that – I live with my husband and daughter, but I had gone on a trip with my daughter in the past. When I came back, my dog Eli wasn’t at home and when I asked my husband about it, his answer was awkward. He said he’d run off after dropping the leash from my hand in the park.
My husband wasn’t worried at all, so I started to get suspicious.

The wife also wrote – Our dog is very small and about 13 years old. He’s still active, but he can’t do things like run away from us and I got suspicious. Also, when we returned, my husband was not at all upset about Ellie’s disappearance. So my suspicions were confirmed.

Someone must have stolen it and then…

She continues: A few days later, we received a call from an animal rescue team in a neighboring state not far away, informing us that Eli had been found. I told my husband and he just said ‘that’s great, I’m so happy’, but he didn’t seem particularly happy, I said it was strange that she’d got that far and he said someone must have stolen him and left him. I can’t figure out how it happened.
When I checked the CCTV in the house, I was shocked.

The woman said- After that, when he went out with his friends, I copied the videos of the house from his dashcam from those days I went out. I noticed that he took Eli out of state, and apparently threw a Frisbee in front of his car to make him run, and took the car without him.

Eli took off running after him and got lost. I understood everything after watching this video and got angry with my husband, but he got angry with me because I checked the surveillance camera. People wrote a lot of things in the comments to the article – someone said how can someone be so cruel to animals. While another person wrote: “Never let such a husband.


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