The pillow-sheet found in the train was filled in the bag, the coach attendant made the video; such comments are coming

A video is going viral on social media in which a passenger had kept a bed sheet provided by the Railways in his bag, the video has been shared by a BJP MLA.

While traveling in the train, bed sheet, pillow and handkerchief are given in the AC coach, but Indians used to carry these in their bags while getting off the train. Due to this, the railway was very upset, so an attendant was kept in every coach, who takes care of the coach. A video is going viral in which a family, while getting down from the coach, stuffed the sheet given by the Railways in their bag. The coach attendant caught them and made a video.

The family started taking the railway sheet home

It is visible in the video that there is an argument between a family and railway employees. Employees are continuously asking to call RPF demanding to get the bags checked. After this the passenger takes out the sheets one by one from his bag. The video of the entire brawl was made by the employees, which is now going viral.

BJP MLA shared the video

6 October 2022 is written in the video, along with it Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh is written in the video. Sharing the video, BJP MLA Shalbhamani Tripathi has written that he will pelt stones at the Vande Bharat train, steal bed sheets and pillows from other trains, then say “we doubt” him!

other people’s reactions

Wasim Akram Tyagi wrote, “Theft is a crime, obviously punishment will be given and should be given. But is it fair to judge the whole society on the basis of one person’s crime? If this is the yardstick, then dozens of babas are in jail for crimes like rape, should you also be judged on the basis of that? In which society are there no thieves? One user wrote that it is not his fault, the bag was kept open at the bottom. The train was moving slowly with jerks, the sheet automatically slipped and got into his bag.


People protested against wearing less clothes in the temple, Kangana Ranaut also got angry on the viral picture

One user wrote, “There is such a situation on the theft of railway property that they will not even get bail, they have gone to work, sir.” One user wrote sarcastically, “How cruel are the railway people, can’t even a person take a sheet?” Another user wrote that people who steal like this are in every society, don’t spread hatred against anyone.


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