The promotion of the film cannot win the Karnataka elections to the BJP. The actor took a jibe at The Kerala Story and The Kashmir Files

Karnataka Vidhan Sabha Chunav Result 2023: KRK has targeted BJP for the victory in Karnataka elections.

Karnataka Vidhan Sabha Chunav Result 2023: The trends of Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023 are going to come shortly and at present Congress has left BJP behind. It is expected that the Congress will win in this election. Film critic and actor Kamal Rashid Khan has targeted the BJP ahead of the election results. KRK has said that even the promotion of ‘The Kerala Story’ cannot win the BJP.

KRK has tweeted one after the other on Twitter. In a tweet, he wrote, “Even the film ‘The Kerala Story’ cannot win the Karnataka elections for the BJP. Hope politicians now understand that the success of a film cannot help them win elections. But politicians can help producers of films like ‘The Kerala Story’ and ‘The Kashmir Files’ earn 100 crores by promoting their films.”

In another tweet, KRK wrote, “Shri Rahul Gandhi has held 22 rallies and his win strike rate is 68% and this is more than all other politicians. Modi ji did 42 rallies and his win strike rate is only 40%. This shows that Rahul Gandhi is more liked by the people of India.

KRK tweeted another. In which he wrote, “Karnataka Election Results have also proved that politicians cannot fool educated people in the name of Bajrangbali. Congress announced a ban on Bajrang Dal before the elections. That means Bajrang Dal will be banned in Karnataka soon and later it can be banned all over India.


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User feedback
A user named Debobrote Das gave the example while referring to Akshay Kumar’s film. He wrote, “People make the film a hit at the box office, not politicians. If this had happened, ‘Prithviraj’ would have earned 100 thousand crores.


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Anyway ‘The Kerala Story’ didn’t earn 50+ crores in just one state (Kerala). So compare the film with the result of all the states as the whole country hits it.”


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