The thief who came to rob the store in California broke a sweat, how he saved his life

Lately, cases of robbery, shootings and dacoits have been increasing rapidly in America, the so-called global superpower. These types of cases will be making headlines in the days to come. The latest case is that of a 7-Eleven store in California, where a man entered with the intention of committing a robbery. But the store’s Sikh owner subdued him.

The Sikh owner not only hit the robber with a stick, but also forced him to beg for his life. A video about this is going very viral on social media, where people are praising the bravery of the store’s Sikh owner and also expressing their reaction.

According to the New York when armed robbers entered a store with the intention of robbing it. The robbers who entered the grocery store had their faces covered. As soon as they entered the store, they began to take away the goods. But they didn’t know that the store’s owner was a Sikh.

To carry out their nefarious plan, the thieves first try to fill the garbage can. But the store owner arrives and stops them. But the thieves stop him at gunpoint. Waving his arms in the air, he also threatens the store owner to stay put. The video of this incident was shot by a person standing at the store’s billing counter.
Meanwhile, someone also threatens to call the police to scare off the thief. Despite this, the thief continues his work. The person making the video stops him. But he continues to clear the shelves. When the thief heads for the door, the store owner bravely sets out to deal with the incident and manages to catch him. The young Sikh beats him ferociously with a stick and the thief, begging for his life, says, “Don’t do it, don’t do it, my friend, don’t do it”.
Others wrote: “This is what happens when the authorities are unwilling or unable to enforce the law and some citizens decide they’ve had enough.” A third wrote: “Never mess with a Punjabi. The dacoit has been arrested. The fourth said, “Not all heroes wear caps.” Some wear turbans.” Another said, “A man in America is looting a store as usual, the shopkeepers are helpless, but that’s when the Indians come in.”


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