The World Ahead of Me: Ganga’s Grief

Everyone must have heard the glory of Ganga from childhood till now.

From the availability of Ganges water in every house, its use must have been seen on every occasion. As everyone knows about the quality of this water, no matter how old it becomes, insects do not get into it. One may or may not believe in the religious importance of this great river, but it attracts everyone.

This is the reason why it is said about the famous shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan that he used to bathe in the Ganges every day. Then what is the reason that we are so careless about the cleanliness of this river. What was seen recently in Uttarakhand was painful. How many huge piles of garbage are put on the banks of the Ganges, after all, only us and countless tourists have put them.

We spread the garbage and someone else cleans it, this is the feeling that we are not worried at all about the garbage we spread. The wrapper of what was eaten, that is, the empty plastic bag was thrown on the road. Now someone else will keep cleaning. We all condemn the filth, but what contribution do we make to remove it?

For decades, billions of rupees have been spent on the pollution of Ganga and the plan to clean it. There are also separate ministries. It is told from there that the Ganga is getting cleaned, but if seen on the ground, it is hardly visible anywhere. Even in remote areas like Yamunotri, travelers leave behind so much garbage that it is difficult to dispose of it. The cities that are situated on the banks of this unique river, they also keep flowing all their garbage in this river without any responsibility. He doesn’t feel the slightest bit sad if the one he worships gets dirty. why indeed?

The river which quenches the thirst of crores of people, provides means of irrigation, its water is needed in every holy work, it does not feel bad to pollute it. Recently, in the ‘resort’ of a very big hotel group in Uttarakhand, many mango and litchi trees were seen all around. There were so many litchis and mangoes that fell down that they could go on collecting, but they would not run out.

The campus resounded with the chirping of countless birds. The Ganges flowing in front and mountains covered with tall greenery across it. Crowds of people rafting in the fast current of water, who used to make a lot of noise. It was scary to see them, because someone said that many of them go rafting without even knowing how to swim and many times lose their lives.

Anyway, the speed of the river’s current, even a swimmer can get into trouble in it. In such a situation, those who do not know how to swim, they should be careful. But such incidents are common when some people go for rafting to fulfill such a dangerous hobby despite warnings and there are often tragic reports of someone drowning due to strong currents of the river.

Well, it is time for Ganga Aarti at six in the evening. For that one has to go down the stairs and go near the river. A big drain was built inside the hotel premises. The water was flowing very fast in it. On asking, it was told that this is its own waterfall inside the hotel. But why the water of the spring was so muddy and dirty, the answer could not be found. The matter was rounded here and there.

There have been reports from earlier that the hotels on the banks of the Ganges throw all their filth into the river. Where people were sitting on small rocks with their feet in the river for the aarti, there was a stream just a short distance away. People were sprinkling Ganga water on themselves, doing aachaman, but that drain was coming in my mind continuously. It can be thought that when the drain of such an expensive hotel was falling into the river in such a way that it was called a waterfall, then what would be the condition of other hotels. After all, who will stop this negligence? What to say about the plains when this is happening only a short distance away from the origin of the Ganga.

Even if the question of people’s faith is moved away, then why should anyone have the right to pollute clean water. But business is only concerned with its profits. Otherwise, it is not that the polluted water of our place cannot be cleaned and used for irrigation and other works. It is a matter of regret that people have to tell this repeatedly or write on it, various concerns are expressed, there are talks of lack of clean water, but our attention does not go away.


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