‘There was no benefit from the alliance with RLD’, Sangeet Som said- we lost even the seats we were winning

In Uttar Pradesh, the Bharatiya Janata Party was reduced to only 33 seats out of 80. Like Purvanchal, BJP has suffered a big loss in West UP as well. The cold war continues between two big leaders of western Uttar Pradesh. After losing the election from Muzaffarnagar Lok Sabha seat, BJP candidate and former Union Minister Sanjeev Balyan said that Sangeet Som made the Samajwadi Party candidate contest the election. Now Sangeet Som has responded to Balyan’s allegations.

Sangeet Som said that Sanjeev Balyan has lost because of the corruption that happened in the last 5 years. People were upset so he lost the election. Sangeet Som further said that there was no benefit of making an alliance with Rashtriya Lok Dal. RLD was successful in winning its seats. Not only this, he also said that the party lost even those seats which we could have won on our own.

Sanjeev Balyan should review the reasons for his defeat

Sangeet Som said that BJP won from Sardhana assembly constituency, but Baliyan lost from Budhana and Charthaval. He further said that Sanjeev Baliyan should review the reasons for his defeat. The former MLA also said that Sanjeev Baliyan has lost due to his own reasons. People of Sardhana were put in jail and cases were also filed against them.

He also said that when I lost the election, I did not blame anyone. The former MLA said that during the reign of Samajwadi Party, many cases were registered against him and he was sent to jail, so how can he support SP. Sanjeev Kumar Baliyan should put his point on the party forum.


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Sanjeev Baliyan listed the reasons for his defeat

Sanjeev Baliyan, who was elected twice from Muzaffarnagar Lok Sabha seat, had given the reasons for his defeat. He had said that he lost due to polarization of Muslim votes, division among Hindu castes and fall in voting percentage. Along with this, Sanjeev Baliyan also talked about sabotage. Baliyan said that some Jaichands also had a hand in his defeat in the election, these people made the Samajwadi Party candidate contest the election, the party should take action against these people.


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