Thieves entered the house to steal, tempted by expensive liquor, what happened after that they will remember for life

Two thieves broke into the house of Sharwanand, who lives in Lucknow after retiring from the Indian Army. Both the thieves started drinking after seeing expensive liquor.

A surprising news has come out from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Here one or two thieves enter a house to steal. They start drinking by giving expensive and branded liquor at home. Due to excessive drinking, a thief was sleeping on the bed, then the family members reached. Tried to wake up the thief but he did not wake up and when he woke up, the ground had slipped from under his feet.

Thieves entered to steal but were easily caught

According to the information, Nirmala’s Katari is located in the cantonment area of ​​Lucknow. After retiring from the Indian Army, Sharwanand lives with his family. When he went to attend a marriage, two thieves entered his house. Both of them started drinking after seeing four expensive liquors. When a thief drank too much alcohol, he slept on the same bed.

Thief slept at home after drinking alcohol

When Sharvanand returned home with the family, they found the house strewn with all the belongings and an unknown person sleeping on the bed. He informed the police about this and tried to wake up the thief. The thief was so drunk that he did not wake up even after being woken up. After some time, when he woke up, he lost consciousness because the family members had caught him.


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The police caught him and brought him to the police station. During interrogation, he told that he had come to commit theft with an accomplice. In order to grab all the stolen goods, his accomplice had made him drink too much alcohol, due to which he fell asleep here and was caught. The police have registered a case on the complaint of the victim and started investigation. Along with this, the search for another absconding thief is also being done.


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During interrogation, the thief has revealed his name as Salim, who is a resident of Sharda Nagar. According to relatives, 10 tola gold, 2 kg silver worth 1.5 lakh, 40 expensive sarees worth about 50 thousand and important documents have gone missing along with 6 lakh rupees. The police is probing the matter.


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