This dreaded criminal had been on the run for 11 years never to be caught again, but his passion for soccer led him to prison.

Dreaded Italian criminal Vincenzo La Porta has been arrested. You could say he was unlucky to be arrested because of his passion for soccer. Otherwise, the police would have been after him for 11 years! Vincenzo La Porta is one of Italy’s 100 most dangerous fugitives.

According to Sky News, a few weeks ago, the Napoli team won the Serie A soccer championship. This is Vincenzo La Porta’s team. This is Vincenzo’s hometown team, so he can’t help but celebrate the victory. He expresses his happiness by standing on the balcony of a restaurant on the island of Corfu, Greece. He is seen standing on the balcony, waving the Napoli team flag.

how was vincenzo arrested?

Little did Vincenzo know that his celebration would turn into a disaster. The police got wind of his presence. The police chased Vincenzo to Corfu Tweep and arrested him before he could escape on his scooter. The restaurant near which Vincenzo was arrested was supposed to work as a chef.

preparation for extradition and repatriation

The police said in a statement that the cheating was due to his passion for soccer and the Napoli team. After winning the championship, he couldn’t stop partying. He is associated with the Camorra organized crime gang, based in Naples. He has been convicted of crimes such as criminal conspiracy, tax evasion and fraud. The Italian authorities are seeking his extradition and repatriation so that he can serve a 14-year sentence. However, Vincenzo’s lawyer says he does not want to be extradited.


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