Tips and Tricks for Best Mileage: Scooter or bike will get long mileage, when you follow these 5 easy tips

Bike and Scooter Mileage Tips that can increase mileage without any extra cost.

Best Mileage Bike and Scooter There is a wide range of two wheelers in the market claiming to be. In this segment, mileage is the only feature keeping in mind that people buy bikes and scooters. But even after taking the best mileage bike and scooter, people are often worried about the low mileage they get from their two wheeler.

Looking at this problem related to mileage, today we are telling about those Mileage Tips and Tricks, after following which you will be able to get long mileage from your two wheeler without any expenditure or any special effort.

Get Bike And Scooter Service Regular

One of the biggest reasons for getting less mileage from a bike or scooter is the lack of regular service of the two wheeler. Engine, braking system, engine oil, air filter, etc. are such essential parts of the bike, if not serviced on time, the performance of the bike decreases, which directly affects the mileage. So get your two wheeler serviced regularly for good mileage.

Always keep Two Wheeler Tire Pressure right

The mileage of a two wheeler is also directly affected by the tire air pressure because due to low pressure, the bike does not run on the road according to its standard, due to which there is a decrease in the mileage. Therefore, whenever you go to the petrol pump, get the tire air pressure of your bike or scooter checked and if it is low, get the correct air pressure applied.

Red light on Engine off

When you drive a bike or scooter, there are many red lights on the way, on which most people make mistakes and do not turn off the engine of the two wheeler. Keeping the engine on at many red lights on the way, the consumption of petrol continues, which directly reduces the mileage of the bike. Therefore, turn off the engine if the red light is for 15 seconds or at a red light of 2 minutes.

Correct use of Clutch and Gear

While riding a bike, most people do not use the clutch and gear properly, such as driving fast in the first gear or driving slowly in the third and fourth gear, due to which more brakes have to be applied while riding the bike. By doing this, the bike has to be given a race to run back in speed, in which more petrol is burnt. That’s why decide the speed of the bike according to the gear.

Simply put, drive the bike in low speed in first gear 0 to 10 kmph, keep the speed 20 to 30 kmph in second gear and then increase the speed to 30 to 45 kmph in third gear.

Drive bike or scooter in Eco Mode only.

The claims made by two wheeler manufacturers regarding the mileage of their vehicles are tested under ideal conditions which are tested in eco mode. The Eco mode speed stated by the company is 40 to 45 kilometers per hour, which is visible in the display of all scooters and bikes. There will be two advantages of driving a two wheeler in eco mode, in which the first advantage is getting more mileage and the second advantage is the prevention of frequent accidents when driving at high speed.


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