TMC: Controversial remarks were made on PM Modi’s dress, now Kirti Azad apologized, people gave such reactions

Kirti Azad had made controversial remarks about the traditional dress worn by PM Modi, on which he has now apologized.

Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Kirti Azad has apologized for her remarks about PM Modi. When PM Modi went to Shillong, he wore traditional dress. Kirti Azad made a controversial comment by sharing a picture of a woman with this picture of PM Modi. All the BJP leaders attacked this. Now Kirti Azad has apologized for this statement.

What did Kirti Azad say now?

Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Kirti Azad tweeted that as a soldier of the party, I have always followed the path laid down by our Constitution, which calls for respecting our diversity. My words were misinterpreted. Even after this, I apologize to those whose sentiments were hurt by my words. The Chief Ministers of Meghalaya, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh also criticized Azad’s remarks and demanded an apology. Kirti Azad had deleted his tweet after seeing the matter increasing.

User Feedback

On social media, people are giving their reactions to Kirti Azad’s apology. @join2tarun The user wrote that after leaving TMC, now there is an intention to join AIMIM? @VSKamath The user wrote that before tweeting like this in future, think carefully that you will not have to apologize again. One user wrote that a new trend has started, abuse the PM and the President, then apologise.

A user wrote that someone else has definitely written your apology tweet, probably your class has been imposed. You are dangerous for TMC and earlier you were dangerous for BJP also. Many people on social media have said on Kirti Azad’s tweet that you should not tweet in such a way that you have to apologize.


Kirti Azad tweet on PM Modi

Please tell that Kirti Azad said that ‘I have not insulted the dress, I love it too. I was trying to point out that our Prime Minister likes to make fashion statements. He does not miss such an opportunity. It is noteworthy that PM Narendra Modi was recently seen in the traditional costumes of the Khasi community during his visit to Meghalaya, whose pictures went viral on social media.


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