Touching feet of girl Shakti Swaroopa is wrong – Congress leader said by sharing video of Prime Minister Modi

When they were leaving for Sydney from Papua New Guinea, a couple who came to drop them off at the airport took blessings by touching the Prime Minister’s wings. Meanwhile, a girl also touched PM Modi’s feet!

The Congress leader has objected to Prime Minister Narendra Modi allowing a girl child to touch her feet. The Congress leader says that it is wrong to touch the feet of a girl who is a form of Shakti. The Congress leader has also shared PM Modi’s video on social media, on which reactions of other people are coming out.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on a tour of Papua New Guinea recently. When he was leaving for Sydney from Papua New Guinea, a couple who had come to see him off at the airport fell at the Prime Minister’s feet. Meanwhile, a girl had also touched the feet of PM Modi, on which Congress leader Surendra Rajput has raised questions.

Surendra Rajput wrote “It is wrong to touch the feet of a girl in Sanatan Dharma. According to scriptures is not according to religion at all. Do sarcasm only after knowing the difference between a sarcasm girl and a woman. Reactions of other people are coming to the fore on this tweet of Surendra Rajput.

A user named Santosh Kumar wrote that you are right, but in many places in our own religion, daughters touch the feet of their elders! There is not much power in these things. A user named Gaurav wrote that it is the tradition of Sanatan Dharma to respect and honor people who are older than themselves, as well as seek their blessings, what is wrong with it? A user wrote that different states of India have different traditions. Girls touch feet in Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Not everything politics is right.


The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea touched the feet of PM Modi; Such reactions coming on social media

One user wrote that the government will not be able to be formed like this, sir, for that you will have to work hard, not that you will get any benefit from such a tweet. A user named Chandan wrote that it is clearly visible in the video that the girl’s mother herself is directing her to bow down inspired by the rites. This is our sanskar, are you saying anything for politics? One user wrote that girls should not be allowed to touch their feet.


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