Tuba, daughter of Armaan Malik and Payal Malik, suddenly stopped breathing, YouTuber was in bad condition by crying

YouTuber Armaan Malik has told in a recent video that his daughter Tuba had suddenly stopped breathing.

YouTuber Armaan Malik often remains in the headlines. Armaan’s family has a strong fan following on social media. YouTuber has recently become the father of 3 children. Both his wives Payal and Kritika have become mothers. First wife Payal has given birth to twins whom they have named Ayaan and Tuba.

On the other hand, Kritika has given birth to a son named Zaid. All three share vlogs daily with new updates about their family. While there is an atmosphere of happiness in their house, on the other hand some new troubles are also coming in their life.

Kritika’s son Zaid Jahan is admitted in the hospital. So right there now a vlog surfaced in which Payal is seen crying and she is telling that her daughter Tuba had stopped breathing. In the vlog, Armaan Malik is seen explaining to his wife Payal.

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Payal’s daughter suddenly stopped breathing

Armaan Malik told in his recent vlog that he got a call from Payal that Tuba was not breathing. After which he reaches home nervously. Where Payal and Armaan’s sister were in bad condition crying. Armaan was encouraging his wife Payal. Armaan’s sister told that Tuba was unable to breathe. Payal is seen crying bitterly in the video.


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Payal told that Tuba had to give breath through her mouth. After this, the YouTuber scolds him and asks him to calm down. Armaan pacifies Payal and asks her to feed him. Armaan told that his daughter Tuba’s breathing had suddenly stopped. She could not breathe. Armaan said that he feels that his family has got an eye. Although they do not believe in all this, but they keep all the hygiene etc., still their child is facing one or the other problem. Although now you are fine.


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Zaid is also hospitalized

At the same time, Armaan Malik’s second wife Kritika Malika’s son is also admitted in the hospital. Zaid has got diarrhoea. Due to which the doctors will keep him in the hospital for three more days. Kritika Malik, who has suffered multiple miscarriages, is very worried about her son. Please inform that Armaan Malik has two wives.


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