Ujjain Case: Inspector came forward to adopt the rape victim girl of Ujjain, said – I want to take care of her

After the rape case in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, now a political war has started between Congress and BJP. While Congress has accused BJP of poor system, BJP has also talked about immediate action. The auto driver accused of raping the girl has been arrested. A lot of anger is being seen among people on social media regarding this incident. The reason for this is also the video that went viral in which the girl was seen on the road in a bloody condition. Now a news related to this case is also coming that Inspector Ajay Verma of Mahakal police station of the city has said that he will adopt the victim girl and bear the expenses of her education.

Inspector said- I want to adopt the girl

This matter was so touching that it would fill anyone’s heart. Inspector Ajay Verma is associated with the investigation of this case, quoting some media reports it is being said that he has talked about adopting the rape victim. He has said that he will adopt the girl only with the consent of the girl’s family. In which the Inspector has talked about taking care of the girl’s health, education and her other responsibilities.

What did Ajay Verma say?

Inspector Ajay Verma, while talking to the media, said, “I have taken the responsibility of helping the girl in her treatment, education and marriage… Many people have come forward to support me in this resolution… I believe that all the responsibilities will be fulfilled in a good way.” Will be completed from. Have done this before also. I always try to give something back to the society.”

The hair-raising CCTV footage of the girl in a semi-nude and bloody condition came to light on Monday. Investigation revealed that the minor had been raped and was abandoned near Dandi Ashram in Ujjain.


Big decision of the association, no lawyer will advocate

It is also seen in the viral video that when the girl was asking for help, she was chased away by the local people. A priest came to the girl’s rescue and helped her by giving her food and clothes and took her to the police. Meanwhile, a First Information Report (FIR) was filed after the video of the girl roaming on the road went viral on social media.


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