Ukraine: America surrounded by announcement of giving ‘cluster bomb’

Cluster bombs have been banned by more than two-thirds of NATO countries.

America has announced to give cluster bomb to Ukraine. US President Joe Biden has defended giving cluster bombs to Ukraine and called it a difficult decision. But many NATO countries and many European allies are in opposition. There is a history of civilian deaths in the use of bombs. Cluster bombs have been banned by more than two-thirds of NATO countries.

The US President has sealed his decision just before the important NATO meeting in Lithuania. His European allies are beginning to ask why the decision to give Ukraine a controversial weapon rejected by more than 100 countries was made.
Ukraine has been demanding these bombs for a long time and has pledged not to use them on Russian soil. He will only use them to drive out the Russians who have entered his territory. Ukraine has given a written assurance to the US not to use these bombs in urban areas.

Joe Biden said about his decision to the American news channel CNN, ‘It took me some time to prepare myself to do this.’ Biden says that he reached this conclusion after consulting the Department of Defense and discussing with allies in Parliament. Biden said, ‘The Ukrainian people are running out of ammunition and the cluster bomb will be helpful in temporarily stopping the advancing Russian tanks.’

The debate on this issue has been going on in America for several months. Some MPs of the Democratic Party have opposed this regarding Biden’s decision. On the other hand, some MPs of the opposition Republican Party are supporting it. The cluster bombs are part of a new $800 million military aid package from the US to Ukraine.

The package includes armored vehicles, a variety of ammunition – such as howitzer shells – and rocket systems. Obviously, Russia will object to this decision. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has expressed strong displeasure over this decision of America. However, Russia itself has repeatedly used these bombs in this war. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Sakharova says that America’s aim is to prolong the conflict in Ukraine as much as possible.

Among European countries, Spain has also criticized the decision to give the bomb. He is involved in the UN Declaration against Cluster Bombs. Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles said in Madrid that Spain has full commitment to Ukraine, but also that some weapons and bombs should not be given under any circumstances. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says he is involved in the agreement which discourages the use of cluster bombs.

Cluster bombs are also banned in Germany. Germany says it will not supply such bombs to Ukraine, but it understands America’s position. A German government spokesman has said, “We are sure that the decision to provide such ammunition will not be taken lightly by American friends.” We have to remember that Russia has already used cluster bombs on a large scale.

What is ‘cluster bomb’

Cluster bombs are such bombs, when fired, many small bombs come out from inside them. US National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan has said that the US will send versions of cluster bombs that have a very low ‘dude rate’. This means that very few such small bombs will come out in it, which will not explode. Unexploded bombs often scatter in the battlefield and become enemies of the lives of people who are not the target. 120 countries have agreed on the convention not to use these bombs. America, Russia and Ukraine are not included in these countries.


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