Underwear should be visible… there is no respect for art – Priyanka Chopra shared an old anecdote related to the director

Priyanka Chopra told that strange expectations were being made from her, due to which the actress left the film in the middle.

Priyanka Chopra, who has made her name from Bollywood to Hollywood, has had many strange experiences in her career. The actress has shared many such stories one after the other, which troubled her. The actress told about a comment made by a Bollywood director which she found very wrong. She was playing the role of an undercover agent in a film. In which there was a demand from the director about him that he should reveal a little more.

Priyanka recently told in a conversation with Zoe Report that in the year 2002-2003 she was working in a Bollywood film, in which she had to woo the male actor. “I am seducing the man and you have to take off one piece of clothing (at a time). I wanted to wear layers. The filmmakers were like, ‘No, I need to see her underwear. Otherwise why is anyone coming to see this film?

She told this to her stylist, not Priyanka

However, the actress told that the filmmaker had not told this to her but to her stylist and she had overheard it. After listening to the filmmaker, Priyanka felt that her art was of no importance. The actress said, “It was such an inhuman moment. It was a feeling that I am nothing outside of how I can be used, that my art is not important, that what I contribute is not important.”


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left the film midway

Eventually, Priyanka left the film as she did not want to see the filmmaker’s face every day. Also, at the behest of her father, the actress paid the production team of the film whatever money was spent on them.


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Earlier, in a conversation with Oprah Winfrey, Priyanka also shared that she did not say anything to the director. The actress had said, “I was very scared. I was new to the entertainment industry and girls are always told that your image should not be such that you are difficult to work with. So I worked within the system.”


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