Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said – Petrol will start getting Rs 15 a litre, people are making such comments

Nitin Gadkari said that “if 60 per cent ethanol and 40 per cent electricity is used, if the average is taken, then the price of petrol will be Rs 15 per litre.

Addressing a public meeting in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that now the farmer will not only become a provider of food but also a provider of energy. He said that he is launching vehicles of Toyota company in the month of August, all the vehicles will run on ethanol prepared by the farmers. After this he told how the price of petrol will be Rs 15 a litre.

Nitin Gadkari said this

Addressing the public meeting, Nitin Gadkari said, “If 60 per cent ethanol and 40 per cent electricity is used, the average price of petrol will be Rs 15 per litre. This will benefit the people, benefit the farmers and reduce pollution. He said that there is an import of oil worth Rs 16 lakh crore in India, instead this money will go to the farmers.

Such reactions coming on social media

There are a lot of reactions on this statement of Nitin Gadkari on social media. A Twitter user wrote, ‘Gadkari ji, at least such a statement was not expected from you, but you are also in the party of jumlebaaz, aren’t you? Petrol has crossed 100 and you are talking about giving it for 15 rupees. A user named Rahul wrote, ’15 lakhs said to come in every account, is this also the same? You tell me when will all this be possible? Opposition people also respect you but if you also lie, you will lose their trust.


Satya Prakash wrote, ‘Modi ji has sent 15-15 lakhs to us Indians, now Gadkari ji will definitely give Rs 15 petrol, but it will take 10 years to do all this, isn’t it?’ One user wrote, ‘It is difficult to digest your words, Minister.’ A user named Aman wrote, ‘Nitin Gadkari’s words can be trusted, he is the only minister who does what he speaks.’


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Some people say that Nitin Gadkari is trying to say that the cost of cars running on ethanol and electric will be equal to Rs 15 per liter of petrol. So on the other hand, some users say that this talk of Nitin Gadkari may not prove to be a Joomla.


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