University’s HOD was demanding KISS from the girl student, video was made; angry people

The video is being told of the TD College of Purvanchal University, Jaunpur. Where the HOD was caught on camera offering kiss and sex to the girl student!

A video of Jaunpur-based Purvanchal University is going viral in which a conversation is taking place between a HOD of the university and a girl student. Embarrassing the relationship between teacher and student, the HOD is demanding a kiss from the girl student. Not only this, the HOD is also offering sex to the girl student. The HOD is also trying to put pressure on the student but the student did not fall for his bluff and has brought all her exploits in front of the world.

Video of TD college HOD viral

The video is being told of the TD College of Purvanchal University, Jaunpur. Where the HOD is offering kiss and sex to the girl student saying that after doing so she will not have any problem. There has been a stir after the video went viral on social media. As per the information, no complaint has been registered in this matter so far. An explanation has been sought from the accused professor on behalf of the college administration.

Will the police take action?

When this video went viral on social media, people demanded action from the police. The police have said on this video that the Inspector in-charge of Linebazar has been directed to investigate the matter and take legal action. Reactions of social media users are coming in relation to this video.


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User Feedback

@RamjiDwivedi20 User wrote that “You are the mirror of the society, Guruji? The professor of TD College of Purvanchal University is asking for KISS from the graduate student. A few months ago, such a case also came to light in Kanpur CSJMU and HBTU, all of them together suppressed the voice of daughters. A user named Manoj Sharma wrote – “This vile person is a blot on the tradition of sacred Guru-disciple relationship in the country, HOD is talking obscenely to pass someone! Very shameful.


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It was written on behalf of the UP Congress, “Such people tarnish the post of teachers, college premises and humanity. How will ‘save daughter, educate daughter’ come true in the presence of such people? Yogi Adityanath ji! Strictest action should be taken against this low minded person immediately. This is nothing more than the filth of the society!” A user wrote that Ram Rajya is going on in Uttar Pradesh, will the government take any action against such teachers?


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