UP Local Body Polls: This new bride won Azam’s stronghold, know who is Sana Khanum, got married a month ago

UP Local Body Polls: Sana Khanum is the daughter of a bank manager. He got married only last month.

UP Local Body Polls: The seat which was discussed the most in the Uttar Pradesh municipal elections. That was the seat of Rampur Municipality. SP leader Azam Khan got a big blow from this seat. Here Aam Aadmi Party candidate Sana Khanam defeated BJP candidate Masharat Mujeeb. Whereas SP candidate Fatma Jabi stood third. While the Rampur Municipality seat is considered to be the bastion of SP leader Azam Khan, but with the passage of time, Azam Khan too has lost the status he used to have in Rampur.

Sana Khanum was the common man’s candidate

Apart from all these, which is the biggest thing. That is, the victory of Aam Aadmi Party’s candidate Sana Khanum. Sana Khanum’s victory is also significant because her fortunes have completely turned around in the last one month. Sana Khanum, 31, was an English teacher at a local school in Rampur. A month ago, she got married to Mamoon Shah, 45, an Aam Aadmi Party worker. After which the Aam Aadmi Party made him its candidate. Sana Khanam has created history in Azam Khan’s bastion by winning the Rampur Municipality.

Sana Khanum defeated BJP candidate

Sana got 43,121 votes. BJP candidate Masharat Mujeeb got 32,173 votes. While SP candidate Fatma Jabin, who stood third in this fight, had to be satisfied with a total of 16,273 votes.

This is how Sana Khanum’s fate changed within a month

Between 15 April and 13 May, from election to election result, Sana entered politics after marriage. He got the ticket of Aam Aadmi Party. Filed nomination and broke many myths by winning the municipal elections. At the same time, this marriage also brought luck for Sana’s husband Mamoon, who was a Congress leader for the last 25 years. He joined the Youth Congress and reached the Municipal Committee, but failed to get a ticket to contest the local body elections.

Mamoom resigned from the Congress party on 15 April, just before his marriage. The next day he joined the Aam Aadmi Party along with his wife. Throughout the election campaign, Sana Khanum was fondly known as the new bride (Navvihati) by the local people.

Marriages are definitely made in heaven: Sana Khanum

Speaking to ‘The Sunday Express’, Sana Khanum said, ‘I have no hesitation in accepting that this is a victory for Mamoon Sahab, who is a well-known face in Rampur. He said that my victory also indicates that the time has come for a change in Rampur. Sana further says that marriages are definitely made in heaven. She will develop this area with his (Mamoon’s) cooperation.”

Sana Khanum is the daughter of a bank manager.

Sana Khanum is the daughter of a bank manager. He holds a master’s degree in psychology from Government Raza College, Rampur. Sana did her B.Ed before becoming a teacher in a local secondary school. She used to teach English to class eight students. She says that she never thought of joining politics. Talking about her marriage, Sana says that when her family got a marriage proposal from Mamoon. With the condition that his daughter will have to contest elections immediately after marriage.

AAP spokesperson gave this information

Former Congress leader Faizal Khan Lala who has now joined Aam Aadmi Party is now the state spokesperson of AAP. Faizal says Mamoon Shah is a familiar face in Rampur. He was hoping to contest the election from the Congress, but the seat was reserved for women. That’s why some people advised him to marry and field his wife. He came to us and asked if he gets married will you field our wife. We also agreed with his statement.

Faizal further reveals that Sana’s parents agreed to the marriage and her contesting the elections. Mamoom and Sana got married on 15th April at 10 pm. The next day the newly married couple came to our office and joined you.’


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