UP Nikay Chunav Result 2023: Alarm bell for SP, BSP! The voting pattern of Muslim voters gave relief to the BJP.

Muslim Voters in Uttar Pradesh: In the Uttar Pradesh Municipal Elections, Muslim votes went for their favorite candidate instead of any one party.

The results of the UP municipal elections are now in front of everyone. There is an atmosphere of celebration in the BJP after the election results, while SP, BSP are facing more than one problem. Unlike the last few elections held in UP, the Muslim vote in this election went for a candidate of their choice rather than uniting behind a single party. In many seats, Muslim voters went in favor of AAP, AIMIM and even BJP candidates leaving SP, BSP candidates from their community.

The flip side of the turnout of Muslim voters is that they did not vote to stop the BJP in this election, which is certainly a relief for the party ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

AIMIM’s Anas got 1.28 lakh votes in Meerut in the mayoral election. Once at the time of counting of votes, Anas went ahead of all the other candidates. However, later he had to face defeat from the BJP candidate by a margin of 1 lakh votes. Here SP candidate and MLA Atul Pradhan’s wife Seema came third with 1.28 lakh votes. In this election BSP got 54,076 votes and Naseem Qureshi of Congress got 15,473 votes. Please inform that BSP had fielded 11 Muslim candidates in the mayoral elections.


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After the election, Anas of AIMIM said in a media interaction that SP always tells us the B team of BJP but the truth is that it itself is playing the role of an assistant for BJP. Because of SP, our candidates could not defeat BJP.

If we talk about Moradabad, here BJP’s Vinod Agarwal defeated Congress’s Mohammad Rizwan by about 4000 votes. Here also there was a split in the Muslim votes. In Moradaba, AIMIM’s Mustujab Ahmed got 6215 votes which was more than the winning margin. Here Mohammad Yameen of BSP got 15,858 votes and Syed Raisuddin of SP got 13,447 votes.

BJP’s Ajay Kumar became mayor in Muslim-majority Saharanpur. He defeated Khadija Masood of BSP by around 8000 votes. Masood got 1.46 lakh votes while SP’s Noor Hasan got 22,038 votes. BJP’s Umesh Gautam won for the second time in Bareilly. He defeated independent IS Tomar. Here BSP’s Yusuf Khan got 16,874 votes while AIMIM’s Mohammad Sartaj got 10,356 votes.

In Ghaziabad, BSP’s Nisara Khan got 63,249 votes while AIMIM’s Shahnaz Dilshad got 26,045 votes. Here SP’s Yadav candidate got 57,608 votes. In Firozabad, BJP’s Kamini Rathore defeated SP’s Mashroor Fatima by a margin of 27,000 votes. Here BSP’s Rukhsana got 52,695 votes. BSP’s Saeed Ahmed finished fourth in Prayagraj. He got 36,799 votes. Here AIMIM’s Mohammad Naqi Khan got 24,023 votes while AAP’s Mohammad Qadir got 14,253 votes.

BJP’s Pramila Pandet defeated Brahmin candidates of SP and Congress in Kanpur. In Kanpur, AIMIM’s Shahana Parveen registered her presence by registering 16,372 votes. Here AAP’s Isma Zaheer got 9839 votes. In Ayodhya, BJP candidate defeated SP’s Brahmin candidate by 35,638 votes. Here AIMIM’s Rehan got 15,107 votes which was more than the BSP candidate’s 12,852 votes.


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