UP: Security personnel misbehaved with a child sleeping at the station, shoe kept on his neck, people got angry after watching the video

This video is going viral and people are taking strong objection to it and demanding action.

A video is going viral on social media in which a security guard is seen misbehaving with a sleeping child at the station. It is seen in the video that the child was sleeping at the station, when a security guard reaches there and stands by putting his foot on the child’s neck.

Video of security guard’s misbehavior goes viral

The information related to when and where the video is from is not in front, but the matter is being told of Ballia station in Uttar Pradesh. The child was sleeping at the station, the security guard came to wake him up and started pressing the child’s neck with his foot. The child starts moving as soon as the security guard’s feet are placed on it but cannot get up.

Demand for action against the jawan

Other passengers are also visible in the station premises. A Kavadiya is also seen in the video, from which it is being speculated that the video is not old. This video is going viral on social media and people are taking strong objection to it and demanding action.


people angry on social media

Reacting to the video, a Twitter user named Priyanshu Mishra wrote, ‘Because of such security force personnel, the name of all security force personnel is bad, take immediate action. Anshuman Dubey wrote, ‘The child was interrupted earlier also, it is okay to be so strict when he does not obey again and again. If there is a lot of concern for the child, then he should be helped to stay at home. Another wrote, ‘The same people who are demanding action, complain to the Railways in the same way.’


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Another wrote, ‘How can such people be entrusted with the responsibility of security, they themselves are in dire need of humanity’s education.’ Another Twitter user wrote, ‘Humanity should also be seen along with degree and qualification while giving a job, an affidavit should be taken that if any work is done against humanity, then they will be expelled from the job.’


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Railway’s reply

On the other hand, it has been said from the side of the Railways that taking immediate cognizance of this incident, the concerned constable has been suspended with immediate effect.


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