UP: ‘Why friendship with Hindu boys?’, crowd misbehaves with two Muslim girls in full market, video viral

It is heard in the video that people are asking girls to show their faces. The girls were asked the question, what kind of friend are they?

A video from Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut is going viral in which Muslim girls are being misbehaved with by some youths. Burqas of girls were removed, they were ill-treated, whose video is being shared on social media and people are demanding action. According to Meerut Police, the matter is under cognizance and action is being taken.

Uproar in the market

According to the information received, both the Muslim girls were shopping with a Hindu friend at Bhagat Singh Market in Meerut, when some people reached there and started asking questions. It is heard in the video that people are asking girls to show their faces. The girls were asked the question, what kind of friend are they? Will you make Hindus friends?

misbehavior with girls and boys

After this, some people forcibly removed the mask and asked to show their face and also made a video of it. After this, they started questioning the young man as well. In response, the young man is saying that please listen to me, we are staff. After this, the people present there pushed and abused the young man. This video is viral on social media and people are expressing outrage over it.


The girl changed clothes while dancing on the stage, but why did people get angry?

@VikasChikara User wrote that now it remains to be seen whose bangle is getting tight and that too in whose government. One user wrote that in fact there has been too much Hindu-Muslim divide in the society, nowadays people do not see a bigger issue than this. No one will be able to live peacefully like this whether Hindu or Muslim! @parvezhmadj wrote that how can these boys be Muslims, who are asking girls to show their face, send them to jail!


People were dancing in the joy of marriage, the person died on the stage itself; video going viral

@MAamirAnsari74 User wrote that if any nefarious girl tries to defame pious Muslim women by keeping hijab or Muslim name and dress then people will protest. A user named Abhijeet wrote that this rude behavior should not be tolerated under any circumstances. The treatment of such goons is very important. Himanshu wrote that humanity and dignity succumb to hatred. By beating a young man in the middle of the market, the crowd humiliated by pulling the masks of women of their own religion.


On the other hand, the Meerut police has said on this whole controversy that a case has been registered by the police in relation to the episode. Advance legal action will be taken on the basis of evidence.


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