UPSC Result 2022: Same name and roll number, case between two Ayesha on 184th rank of UPSC

Girls have secured the top 4 positions in the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2022 result this time.

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) released the final result of Civil Services Examination 2022 on Tuesday (May 23). The top 4 positions in the result have been secured by girls this time. Ishita Kishore of Patna got the first position in the country and Garima Lohia of Buxar got the second position. At the same time, now a surprising case has come to the fore regarding UPSC Result 2022 in Madhya Pradesh. It is being claimed that two girls appeared for the exam and interview on the same roll number and now both have got 184th rank.

Two girls claim same rank in UPSC 2022

Two candidates from Madhya Pradesh are claiming 184 rank in the UPSC exam. The name and roll number of both are being told the same. The case is related to Ayesha Fatima of Dewas and Ayesha Makrani of Alirajpur. However, whose claim is correct, it will be known only after investigation.

Ayesha Fatima of Dewas, daughter of Naziruddin, is claiming that she has made a place on merit, while Ayesha Makrani, daughter of Salimuddin of Alirajpur district, is also making the same claim. It is said that both Ayesha were issued the same roll number. Roll number 7811744 is written in the admit card of both the girls.

Ayesha Fatima of Dewas and Ayesha Makrani of Alirajpur claim

Both the girls claim that they appeared for the exam and also appeared for the interview. Ayesha Makrani’s brother Shahbazuddin Makrani told TOI that his sister has cleared UPSC with maths. Shahbazuddin said, “It was my mother’s dream that my sister crack UPSC and become an IAS officer. He got 184th rank. After confusion and claims of another candidate, we have contacted UPSC and the picture will be clear on Thursday.”

On the other hand, Naziruddin, father of Ayesha Fatima of Dewas, also claimed that his daughter has been selected. Naziruddin said, “The UPSC cannot make such a mistake. I demand a thorough probe into the matter. The truth should come out.” He said that my daughter is 26 years old and this was her fourth attempt. He gave the exam with Political Science.


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In the admit card of Ayesha Makrani, the date of personality test was written as April 25 and the day was Thursday. While the date of personality test in Ayesha Fathima’s card was 25th April but the day was Tuesday. According to the calendar, 25th April was a Tuesday. Ayesha Makrani’s brother claimed that he had received an email from UPSC stating that Ayesha’s name has been changed due to the similarity in the names of three candidates and the names of two candidates have been changed. Shahbazuddin said, “The full name has not changed. The name has been changed to Ayesha Fatima (Ayesha Makrani).

There is no QR code on one’s admit card

After the matter came to light, when the admit cards of both were seen, some mistakes were seen in the admit card of Alirajpur’s Ayesha. The first is that there is a water mark of UPSC on the admit card of Dewas’s Ayesha, while the admit card of Alirajpur’s Ayesha looks like a print out on plain paper. Secondly, it was shown that there is a QR code in the admit card of Ayesha of Dewas, which on scanning reveals the same information as written in the admit card. While there is no QR code in the admit card of Ayesha of Alirajpur.


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