Urfi Javed: ‘Papa used to beat me till I fainted’, Urfi Javed told the pain

Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed has recently expressed his heartache in a podcast.

Urdu Javed: Urfi Javed remains in discussion about her clothes. Urfi’s unusual clothes often go viral on Instagram. As colorful as Urfi’s life is now, her childhood was equally difficult. Urfi recently revealed in a podcast how he had to endure torture in his family.

In a recent podcast with YouTuber Ranveer Allahabadia, Urfi Javed talked about the hardships and childhood pain she faced from her father. Urfi Javed told that his father is old-fashioned and his mother got married at a very young age. His father used to beat him a lot in his childhood. Urfi said that she was very confident since childhood and was also a bit weird. Urfi Javed has also mentioned what he liked and disliked in his childhood. Urfi told that her father used to beat her many times so much that she used to faint. Urfi said that I was not close to my father. He used to take out his mother’s displeasure on me. Urfi said, ‘If you beat and explain to a child, will he understand if he faints? You cannot turn back and say anything, at one point you feel that it’s over, man.’


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Urfi Javed said that hitting has the opposite effect on children. In this conversation, Urfi Javed further said that she still gets trolled and people may be right that I am not fit to be a woman. May be I am a blot on the society and a bad example for the young generation. Urfi said that she may be S#$t but she cannot quit. Urfi said that no one wants to be friends with him.


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Urfi Javed also talked about his failed relationship in this conversation. Urfi said that once she got her boyfriend’s name tattooed, her boyfriend also showed that he got Urfi’s birthday date tattooed. But later by sharing the post, the boyfriend dedicated that tattoo to his father because his father’s birthday is also the same day. Urfi told that later he had removed that tattoo, on which his boyfriend was also angry.


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