Urfi Javed sent a surprise gift to YouTuber Armaan Malik’s house, wife Payal invited in the vlog

Armaan Malik’s first wife Payal Malik in her vlog told about Urfi Javed’s gift and thanked him.

Internet sensation Urfi Javed has sent a surprise gift to YouTuber Armaan Malik’s house. Armaan’s first wife Payal gave information about Urfi’s gift in her vlog. Payal said that someone’s gift has come to her house, which has bouquets, lots of chocolates and cakes. When he saw the card that came with the gift, Urfi Javed’s name was written in it with lots of best wishes.

Urfi sent a gift for the children

Urfi had written, “Dear Kritika & Payal, Congratulations on all your babies. God bless him and give you good health too. Urfi Javed….” Payal read it and said, “Urfi ne has sent this from Mumbai. Thank you so much Urfi for showing so much love. We were talking to him for a long time. We have also called them at home. His whole family loves us very much.

Let us tell you that both Armaan’s wives Payal and Kritika have recently become mothers. Kritika gave birth to a son in April, whom she named Zaid Malik. About a month later, Payal gave birth to twin babies. Whose names they have named Tuba and Ayan. Malik family keeps giving updates of every moment of their life to the fans.

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While there is a lot of happiness coming together in the one-sided Malik family, at the same time they are also very upset. Actually, the health of Kritika’s son Zaid is very bad, due to which he has been admitted to the hospital. Along with this, the health of Payal’s son Ayan is also not going well. He is having skin problem. Meanwhile, suddenly his daughter Tuba had stopped breathing. Due to which the whole family was very upset.


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Payal was in bad condition by crying. Armaan had informed about this in the vlog. He was in the hospital with Zaid and Kritika when his sister Sapna called him to inform him about Tuba’s health. He immediately left for home. By the time he reached home, Tuba had recovered, but Payal and his sister were in a bad condition by crying. Armaan explains to them and asks them to take care.


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Armaan Malik has done two marriages. Many years ago, Armaan married Payal, with whom they have a seven-year-old son, Chirayu. After this Kritika came in his life. Payal says yes to their marriage and now they all live together like a family. Payal and Kritika have had three children, after which they now have four children in their house. Whom both consider as their child.


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