Urfi Javed targeted ‘Panchkriti’, said- ‘I give it in writing, no one will see it…’ Then clarified, said- ‘I am…’

Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed has targeted the film ‘Panchkriti’. He tweeted about it and said that ‘I write and give it, no one will see’. After this, he has also given clarification on this.

TV actress and ex-contestant of Bigg Boss Urfi Javed is often in the news for her weird fashion sense. Urfi, who used to be in headlines by wearing a dress ranging from sack to foil and leaf-newspaper, is no longer in discussion about any of her latest fashion and videos, but this time she is in headlines because of one of her statements. He has targeted the film ‘Panchkriti’ and has also claimed that no one will go to watch it. After this, he has also given clarification on this.

Urfi Javed has come under target of trolls and makers of ‘Panchkriti’ because of her latest tweet. Actually, recently the trailer video of this film was released. After seeing this, the actress wrote, ‘The country is identified with Urban India. Not from Rural India. What is the use of making a movie on rural India and giving TV, smartphone, cycle, smartwatch to the audience? No one will watch ‘Panchkriti’. I give it in writing. Now there is a ruckus on this tweet of the actress. Where people are trolling him and saying good and bad. On this, when the producer of the film talked to him, he had to give clarification as well.



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Urfi Javed clarified

After targeting the film ‘Panchkriti’, Urfi Javed has also clarified on this. Sharing a screenshot of that tweet, he wrote in another tweet, ‘This tweet and caption were sent to me by the producer of the film. I am not against anyone. I was just helping my friend who was promoting it. I did not check the caption while uploading it.




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People are trolling Urfi

Urfi has faced trolls for not telling the rural India identity. People are telling lies fiercely by sharing the screenshot of his tweet. One wrote, ‘You have no right to speak against our culture and country.’ Another wrote, ‘Rural India deserves respect. Because it is the foundation stone of our country. Along with this, another wrote, ‘Rural India is Real India.’ In the same way people are leaving no stone unturned to narrate them.


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