Urfi Javed’s anger erupted over the embarrassing incident of Manipur, said- ‘Not only Manipur, it is very shameful for the whole country…’

Urfi Javed on Manipur Violence: Urfi Javed has expressed anger over the Manipur incident on social media. He has registered his reaction by sharing a post on the shameful incident.

Manipur Violence Urfi Javed Angry Words: The ill-treatment meted out to women in Manipur is very much discussed. The video of stripping women and parading them is going viral on social media. This incident has put humanity to shame. On social media, people are expressing anger over this and are demanding strictest punishment against the culprits. There are also stars like Akshay Kumar in this list, who have expressed anger over this and criticized the incident. Now in this episode Urfi Javed has also given his reaction.

Urfi Javed is often discussed about her fashion sense. Urfi, who wears strange and poor clothes, does not lag behind in keeping her views on issues. She definitely gives her reaction. The actress also gave her reaction regarding this shameful incident in Manipur. He has reacted by sharing the post in Instagram Story. He shared an article on the Manipur case on Insta Story and wrote, ‘Whatever happened in Manipur is shameful not only for Manipur but for the whole of India.’

Urfi Javed’s post,

‘This is your funeral chair, isn’t it…?’ Celebs angry over the heinous act with women in Manipur, these stars including Akshay Kumar condemned

These celebs including Akshay Kumar also condemned the incident

Prior to Urfi Javed, Akshay Kumar and even actress Meera Chopra filed their reaction regarding the Manipur case and criticized it. Khiladi Kumar wrote in his Twitter post, ‘Shocking incident. Hate watching videos of violence against women in Manipur. I hope these devils are punished severely so that no one else can think of doing such a dreadful thing.


Urfi Javed targeted ‘Panchkriti’, said- ‘I give it in writing, no one will see it…’ Then clarified, said- ‘I am…’

At the same time, actress Meera Chopra, who has worked in Bollywood and South, wrote in her tweet, ‘This violence against women in Manipur shook me. Did this really happen? If you do not get angry after seeing this, then nothing can happen. Enough happened now. BJP4India should intervene to stop this hooliganism. His silence on the Manipur violence is now highly suspicious.


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