Video: In the mortuary of Rajasthan everyone was surprised to see the drums and drums

Drums and drums suddenly started playing in the morgue of RBM Hospital in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

A video from Rajasthan is viral, in which everyone was shocked to hear the sound of drums and drums in the morgue. No one has understood that where there is always mourning, people who come and go are immersed in sorrow, why are drums and drums being played there? However, after reading some complete news, you will also understand the whole matter.

drum beats outside the morgue

Drums and drums suddenly started playing in the morgue of RBM Hospital in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Seeing this, many people present there started thinking that what is the matter? The sound of drums in the morgue was a surprise to everyone. Although these drums were being played for employee Bhagwan Das.

video going viral

The whole matter is related to the retired employee of the mortuary of the district RBM hospital, Bhagwan Das. This viral video is during his farewell. At the time of farewell, drums were played in the mortuary, relatives were seen dancing and happy. Its video is going viral on social media.

One user wrote, “It is a good tradition but one should keep in mind which is the place?” One user wrote that we were scared that what had happened after all that drums were being played in the morgue. Another social media user wrote, “This farewell to a place in retirement is special. No matter how big it is happening in the office or at the cremation ground.


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Mortuary employee Bhagwan Das was working for a long time. When the time came for his retirement, he was given farewell with full respect. During this, drums and drums were seen playing after the mortuary, the video of which is viral on social media.


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