Video of BJP MP raging on Jyotiraditya Scindia went viral, Congress leaders enjoyed ‘Maharaj’ like this

Recently, while addressing a program in Guna, Scindia had said that forgive me if I have made any mistake, my heart beats only for you people.

Madhya Pradesh Congress leaders have launched a vigorous attack against Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. A video has been shared on Twitter by the Madhya Pradesh Congress in which BJP MPs are making statements against Scindia. By sharing the video of the BJP MP, Congress leaders from Madhya Pradesh to Delhi are making sharp sarcasm and attacks on Scindia.

Congress has shared the video of BJP MP from Guna KP Yadav in which he is saying that there are some fools in the crowd who do not even know when to speak? I had openly said earlier also that those who do not know that we are in BJP and that BJP has government at the center and in the state, there is a BJP MP from here, standing on the dais and saying that we have made mistakes, I am their Appreciates intelligence.

He also said that from where does this intelligence come in him. How do you say, where is the courage coming from, that you are making holes in the one you are eating. From where your party’s (BJP) MP is, you are telling the people there that a mistake has been made. If he is in trouble then I think he should have stayed where he was. If he is more popular, he would have struggled by staying where he is, then would have contested elections against me and won, then I would have believed that yes, his words have merit.

Now the question is, why is BJP MP KP Yadav so angry with Scindia? In fact, last days while addressing a program in Guna, Scindia had said that forgive me if I have made any mistake, my heart beats only for you people. KP Yadav is an MP from Guna and he has defeated Scindia in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. While in the Congress, Scindia had contested from the Guna seat and was pitted against BJP’s KP Yadav.

Who said what on KP Yadav’s statement?

It was written from the official Twitter handle of the Congress that BJP MP KP Yadav is calling Scindia ji a ‘fool’, what to say now? Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh tweeted, “The result of treachery – neither ghar ke rahe nor ghat ke.” Digvijay Singh said that KP Yadav is right in saying that “he makes holes in the plate he eats”.


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@SyedZps user wrote that instead of such insult, it is better that Scindia ji leave the post of minister and fight on the road for the cause of the people. A user wrote, “Poor Scindia, neither of the house nor of the ghats.” This is the result of betrayal. Ravi Kalra wrote that it is impossible for a traitor to be respected anywhere, the one who has betrayed his family, his society, his people will continue to suffer like this.


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