Video of couple hugging on a moving scooty went viral, people said – this is not love but risk

Couple hugging each other while sitting on a moving scooty on a moving road. Whose video is going viral!

Another video of a couple hugging on a moving scooty after an obscene act by a couple in Delhi Metro is viral. It is seen in this video that the couple is hugging each other amidst the scooty and traffic moving on the road. Someone recorded its video, which is now going viral and people’s reactions are coming out on this video.

Video of couple hugging on scooty goes viral

It is visible in the video that other vehicles are also present on the road. Meanwhile, this couple is hugging each other while sitting on a moving scooty. Both are not even wearing helmets. The way this couple is hugging on a moving scooty, their lives could also be in danger.

This video is being watched a lot

The video of the couple was posted on Instagram by a woman named Shalu Kashyap Taneja. The woman shared the video and wrote, “Ye kaisa ishq ho raha hai Delhi walon ko”. The video has been viewed over 11.7 million times since it was posted and is garnering mixed reactions from people.

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A user wrote that when Yamraj and Delhi Police replies are on leave, this kind of love blossoms. A user named Devraj wrote that people are not tolerating the happiness of two people. A user named Jai wrote that now he cannot go in the metro, so the road is right for these people. Another user wrote that why all these activities happen in Delhi only?


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One user wrote that in this way you are putting your life and other people’s life at risk, if accident happens then all love will go away. One user wrote that this is not love but risk. One user wrote that Bajrang Dal is needed here, perhaps this branch has become weak in Delhi. A user named Vandana wrote that love can happen anywhere and anytime, that’s why those who love are called mad.


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