Video of Kanwariyas dancing on Bholenath’s song in Delhi Metro goes viral, such reactions are coming

It is visible in the video that some youths are dressed as Kanwariyas. He is seen dancing to the song of Bholenath.

Although traveling by Delhi Metro is very comfortable for the people of Delhi, but Delhi Metro has been in a lot of controversies for a long time. Many videos from inside Delhi Metro went viral on social media, on which questions were raised. Now another video is going viral in which people are seen dancing on the song of Lord Bholenath.

Another video of Delhi Metro goes viral

It is visible in the video that some youths are dressed as Kanwariyas. He is seen dancing to the song of Bholenath. The song is playing in the metro, the kanwariyas are dancing and chanting. People’s reactions are also coming to the fore on social media regarding this viral video of Metro.

Such comments coming on social media

A Twitter user named @justtneeraj wrote, ‘It is a crime to offer namaz inside the metro and it is cool to do bhajan. To what extent does this seem logical? Shoaib Ansari wrote, ‘If Namaz is read for 2 minutes, then everyone’s sentiments get hurt, then an FIR is filed and no matter what they do, no one does anything.’

A Twitter user named Mohan Singh wrote, “You get a license for hooliganism in the name of religion and do whatever you want.” Another user wrote, ‘If no one is facing any problem, then it is not a crime, but if someone reads Namaz, then an FIR is lodged and arrested.’ A user asked, ‘Does DMRC allow this? If there is no permission then what action is being taken? And if there is permission, then who all is allowed?’


Woman slaps man in Delhi Metro, this video is going viral

Controversy has arisen in the Delhi Metro about obscene acts, traveling wearing scanty clothes and making reels. The DMRC had warned commuters not to do so, adding that action would be taken against those who disregarded the sentiments of others in the metro if they did. Meanwhile, now the video of Kanwariyas dancing in Delhi Metro is viral.


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