VIDEO: Uproar again regarding dog in the lift, the person objected, then the woman got angry, started misbehaving

Another woman is telling the woman present with the dog in the video that so many videos have come out of dog bites, you wear a mask.

Incidents of disputes in the society regarding pet dogs have come to the fore from many places in the country. The video of the dog being attacked in the lift has also surfaced. After this, now people have started raising questions on negligence. One such video is currently going viral on social media in which a woman was going in a lift with her dog but got into an argument with another woman.

Controversy over dog again in Noida

The viral video is being told of Logix society located in Noida 137. It is seen in the video that a woman is standing in the lift with her pet dog. The dog is also wearing a mask. Members of another family are asking the woman to wear a mask so that the dog does not bite anyone. However, the woman refused to wear the mask.

Argument with woman, video viral

Another woman is telling the woman present with the dog in the video that so many videos have come out of dog bites, you wear a mask. Another person says that she is pregnant, if the dog bites, there will be trouble. However, the woman refuses to wear the mask. Meanwhile, a person says that what kind of woman is she? On this, the woman replies that ‘I am better than your wife’.

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Such reactions coming on social media

A Twitter user shared the video and wrote, ‘These people are fighting with each other over the dog and the dog is standing peacefully.’ Another wrote, ‘The woman should have put the dog on a mask, this would have ended the fight. On the other hand, if these people also had problems, they would have waited for a while. The lift used to come back but both seem to be in a fighting mood.


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A Twitter user named Ajit wrote, ‘This is a battle of ego. Etiquette is missing on both sides. Had there been decency along with knowledge, perhaps the woman would have listened. This is the problem with us North Indians. Another wrote, ‘It is clear after watching this video that the tone of the conversation is provocative, if the same thing was said to the woman with decency, she might have agreed.’ Another wrote, ‘I think there is more to the matter. There was already some fight between the two because no one talks to anyone after being so fierce.


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Please tell that after watching the video, the opinion of the social media users has also been divided. Some people say that the conversation with the woman with the dog was done in a provocative manner, while some people say that keeping a dog in the society, you yourself should take care of such things so that no one gets hurt. Action is being demanded from Noida Police and Noida Authority in the matter.


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