Village of Widows: Women are losing their husbands one after the other

Most of the men of Rajasthan’s Budhupura have lost their lives, in such a situation a large number of women have become widows here! Alam is that this village has now become infamous by the name of ‘village of widows’!

You would be sure to know that there is a village in India which is called the village of widows. Actually most of the women of this village have lost their husbands and are living the life of widows. This village is in Rajasthan, the largest state of the country in terms of area. Budhpura village of Bundi district of Rajasthan has become infamous today as the village of widows.

Why is it called the village of widows?

Sandstone carving is done in Budhpura, Rajasthan. The fine silica dust in the air gets inhaled by the people working there, causing lung infection and ultimately, if proper and timely treatment is not given, humans die. Similarly, many men of Budhpura have lost their lives and a large number of women have become widows.

From which disease did you die the most?

A doctor of Bundi Hospital told that half of the patients come who have respiratory diseases. Out of that 50 percent are those who have silicosis disease. If some patients are like this, then they can understand in a very dangerous situation. Let us inform that the mine of Budhupura is one of the unregulated and most unsafe mines. The laborers working here are at high risk of getting silicosis, a fatal lung disease.

A woman told that her husband fell ill while working in the mines and died. Similar is the story of many women. The situation is that instead of husband, now women have started working with their children, who earn 1000 rupees after working hard for the whole day. When the economic condition of women becomes weak after the death of their husband, they are forced to work in the mine.


Rajasthan: Silicosis patients suffering due to government negligence

At the same time, there are many such organizations which are working to get the rights of the people here. An official associated with one such organization told that the death of people does not affect the mining companies, that is why they do not care about them. In this matter, the government will also have to be conscious that so many people have died, something has to be done.


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