Vipassana Meditation: Arvind Kejriwal went to Vipassana meditation center, tweeted the information, people made such comments on social media

Delhi CM: Arvind Kejriwal has informed by tweeting that he is going to Vipassana meditation center, he will come back on January 1!

Arvind Kejriwal has informed by tweeting that he is going for Vipassana Meditation. Vipassana is an ancient method of meditation, in which there is a ban on any kind of communication for a certain period of time, even through dialogue or signs. Now CM Kejriwal has tweeted that have you done Vipassana? If not, then definitely do it once.

Arvind Kejriwal tweeted this information

Kejriwal (Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal) tweeted and wrote, “Today I am going for Vipassana meditation. I try to go once a year. Will return on January 1st. Many hundred years ago Lord Buddha taught this knowledge. Have you done Vipassana? If not, then definitely do it once. There are many mental, physical and spiritual benefits.” People are giving their reactions on this on social media.

User Feedback

@theronitbhatia User wrote that if you are in this condition after doing a process like Vipassana, I will never do it and advise everyone not to do it. Understand the benefits of Vipassana only when lies, deceit and deceit are eliminated from your conduct, otherwise this is a way of celebrating holidays on government money. @sharadoffice User wrote that Chief Minister, you are in public life, so how can you take such a long leave? How can the work of common man be left on someone else’s trust?

Nighat Abbas wrote that I hope that after doing Vipassana meditation, you will really have a change of heart and at least now you will free Satyendar Jain and Manish Sisodia from the post of ministers. @MayankSharmaAAP user wrote that you are the first Chief Minister who takes leave and goes on leave, otherwise we usually see that leaders keep taking leave even after holding the posts and have fun on government expenses. One user wrote that why Kejriwal ji is lying, you are going to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays.


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Please tell that even before this Arvind Kejriwal has gone for Vipassana (Arvind Kejriwal, Vipassana Meditation). In 2016 he went to Nagpur for Vipassana meditation for 10 days. The following year, he reached Igatpuri in Maharashtra and Dharamkot in Himachal Pradesh. This time no information has been revealed about where Arvind Kejriwal is going for Vipassana meditation.


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