Viral news: A group of dogs chased the deer! What happened next?

Villagers can’t even imagine what they’ve done!
A deer was saved from a stray dog attack thanks to the efforts of the villagers. A deer came out of the Buxa forest, in the Vijaypurbasti region, in the Kalchini district. Stray dogs from the village were chasing the deer. A villager witnessed the incident this morning.

He went to inform others of the incident. When the matter was brought to the attention of the others, they began to remove the stray dogs from the village. Sameer Rai, a village resident, and others rescued the deer with great difficulty. Later, the villagers took the deer to the Forest Department’s Pana mobile station.
Local resident Samir Rai commented: “The wildlife would have been damaged before our very eyes. I couldn’t accept that. What’s more, the forest department repeatedly conducted awareness campaigns in the area and asked us to inform the forest department if we saw any wild animals. This is what we did. Forestry staff rescued the deer and took it to the Rajabhatkhawa Nature Center for treatment. After initial treatment, it was released into the Buxa forest at midday.


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