Viral Video of Patna High Court: Have you got a job through reservation? The judge asked the officer in the court

A video of the live streaming of the proceedings of the Patna High Court is going viral on social media.

A video of the live streaming of the proceedings of the Patna High Court is going viral on social media. It can be seen in this video that Justice Sandeep Kumar asks the officer in the court, “Have you got job from reservation?” In response, it was told by the officer that he got the job because of reservation. The judge laughs after listening to the answer of the officer, while other people present in the court also start laughing. The judge further said, “Understood by the name itself.” During this, a lawyer said that he must have earned equal to two jobs. The judge said, “What would you have earned? What would have been earned must have been finished.

When is the video from?

According to media reports, this video going viral on social media is of 23 November. Actually, this hearing was related to the case of a District Land Acquisition Officer named Anand Kumar Bharti. He appeared before the court. He was to be asked by the court that how did he issue land acquisition compensation to one party even when the partition suit was pending? During this, the court was also informed that the officer has also been suspended in this matter.

Such a video went viral a few days ago

Justice Sandeep Kumar raised questions a few days back when a woman’s house in Patna was demolished illegally using a bulldozer. When the court was told by the counsel for the victim that some land mafia are also involved in the matter and such persons have been impleaded as respondent numbers in the petition.


Patna High Court: Judge angry with bulldozer action, said – has made a spectacle; Video going viral on social media

On this controversy, Justice Sandeep Kumar had reprimanded the concerned officer and said, “Did the bulldozer start running here too? Who do you represent, the state or a private individual? Have made a spectacle, will break anyone’s house with bulldozers. This video of his also went viral.

(Video of this case can be seen at 1 hour 28 seconds)

Talking about believing in justice to the aggrieved party, he had also said that “I am here to protect you, not to trouble you”. With this, he stayed the FIR restraining the police from arresting the petitioner and his family members in the matter. This video of him became very viral on social media.


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