Viral Video: This baby elephant became ‘self-sufficient’ before growing up, people are commenting on social media

Viral Video: The video of a baby elephant is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In which he is trying to scratch the body.

The world of jungle and animals is quite unique. Humans like their actions very much. Some animals even try to behave like humans. At present, a video is becoming very viral on social media, in which a baby elephant (Baby Elephant Viral Video) does such activities to scratch its body, which people are liking very much. The video has been shared by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization in Kenya.

Video going viral on social media

Sharing this video, it has been written on behalf of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust that “It may be small, but ‘Nyambani’ (baby elephant) has already learned a lot. Sometimes the younger animals need help with things that are different for adult elephants, such as scratching themselves or taking mud baths. But Nyambeni doesn’t need anyone! Despite her young age, she does everything with utmost dedication. In the video that has been shared, the baby elephant is trying to scratch its body in different ways!

Users made such comments

This video is becoming very viral on social media and people are also liking it. About 20 thousand people have liked this video so far. @kreer_nelida User wrote that no part of the body was left where it was not scratched. @fabfrancr user wrote that it is no less than a spa for this. One user wrote that hey it looks like it has been dipped in choco powder. @ops_swiftly user wrote that he found a tree of the right size, in the right place to scratch, and took full advantage of it.

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angela.wells555 user wrote that this is very cute and intelligent, watching this video made my day. One user wrote that this is a self-sufficient and happy child, we all love him very much. @ehh328 User wrote that this baby elephant is small but has a huge personality! Don’t know how many people remain happy seeing his happiness. Now everyone is very fond of Nyambani.


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Let us tell you that more than one lakh people have seen this video while about 20 thousand people have liked it. However, this is not the first time that people have liked Elephant Viral Video so much. Recently, another video came to the fore in which some dogs were troubling a one-handed child, then he slips and falls in the process of chasing the dogs. People were unable to stop laughing after watching this video. The video was shot by IFS officer Dr. Shared by Samrat Gowda.


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