Viral Video: Video of boy bathing with cow urine went viral, Congress leader said – now these new devotees have come, people also enjoyed

On this video which is going viral on social media, users are having fun by commenting on it.

There is often a dispute regarding cow urine and cow dung. At present, a video is going viral, in which a child is seen taking a bath with cow urine. When a cow starts urinating, a young man sits there and starts bathing with it. By sharing this video, people are commenting on social media.

Congress leader shared the video

Reacting to the viral video, Congress leader Ashok Basoya wrote that now these new devotees have come, it means whatever. @NazneenAkhtar10 User wrote that lofty picture of lofty India., Blind devotion is at its peak, it is not taking the name of stopping. @shamshadupez User wrote that it is faith that does what it does, let it do it. @RanaAlg23 User wrote in which direction WhatsApp University is taking the generation of the country? It is regrettable how innocent people are being taken advantage of.

Social media users also enjoyed

One user wrote that now no one can stop the country from becoming a Vishwaguru. @VasantP00190520 The user wrote that he is a sensible boy, try bathing with cow urine once, there will be no need for facials. @pjha8757016841 User wrote that cow urine cures skin diseases that’s why people do this. @CHIRAGPIndian user wrote that you fool, do you know how many medicinal properties cow urine has? From where would you know? You must not have even heard the name of Ayurveda.

@Hindupankajraj0 User wrote that India is a democratic country where every citizen has the right to live life according to him, but there is one thing that according to a fanatical religion, it is better to wake up in the morning only after slaughtering animals. @Armankh00137994 User wrote that this cannot happen in Modi ji’s Digital India. One user wrote that Modi ji has increased blind devotion in the country to such an extent that people in this country do not want to apply their mind at all. Salute to the one who gave this name “blind devotion”.

Politics happens on cow

Let us tell you that cow has been an important issue of politics. By banning cow slaughter, the BJP has grabbed headlines. At the same time, the opposition alleges that the Bharatiya Janata Party does politics in the name of cow and some people allege that people are being fooled by associating cow with religion. Meanwhile, people are commenting on this video viral on social media and calling it the extreme limit of blind devotion.


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