Vivek Agnihotri got angry on the news of patrolling in Delhi Metro, said – this is stupidity

Vivek Agnihotri has expressed his reaction regarding the rule of patrolling implemented in Delhi Metro.

Vivek Agnihotri, director of ‘The Kashmir Files’, often remains in the discussion. He remains very active on social media and Vivek gets into a verbal fight with someone or the other every day. Sometimes he himself gets trolled, sometimes a film star or a politician taunts him.

Apart from this, he is also known for giving his opinion on almost every issue. In this sequence, one of his tweets is once again in discussion. This time the anger of the filmmaker has erupted on the Delhi Metro.

In fact recently, it was reported that Delhi Metro will have frequent police patrolling inside each compartment to prevent ‘objectionable’ behavior of commuters. He has expressed his reaction to the rule of patrolling implemented in Delhi Metro.

Vivek Agnihotri tweeted

Filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri took to his Twitter and said, “This is so stupid.” Along with this, he has also shared a picture of security forces patrolling in Delhi Metro. Let us tell you that this decision was taken about a week ago after the video of Delhi Metro surfaced online.


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Significantly, recently a case has come to the fore in which a man was seen doing obscene acts inside the metro. Apart from this, many cases came to the fore, after which Delhi Metro has taken this step. With the recent incident coming to light, officials have said that police in both uniform and plain clothes will soon be deployed in metro coaches.


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User Feedback

Social media users are seen giving their reactions on this tweet of Vivek Agnihotri. A user named Sunil wrote that ‘this is a welcome decision’. One user wrote that ‘I welcome this decision’. A user named Siya wrote that ‘It is a very right decision of Delhi Metro. You should watch viral video first. Frivolity in public places is against the culture of the country.


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