Was living in live-in for 15 years, in a dispute of 7 lakhs, a woman was cut into 6 pieces by a stone cutting machine, this is how the secret was revealed

Just as Aftab had disposed of the pieces of Shraddha’s body, Chandra Mohan was also preparing to dispose of Anuradha’s body.

Remember the Shraddha murder case? A similar case has come to the fore from Hyderabad. The way Aftab Poonawalla cut his live-in partner Shraddha Walker into 35 pieces in November 2022. Similarly, 48-year-old B Chandra Mohan also killed his live-in partner. The accused cut the woman’s body into six pieces with a stone cutting machine and kept it in the refrigerator of his house and kept sprinkling room freshener, incense sticks continuously so that the room would not stink.

The murder came to light when a rag picker found the woman’s severed head on the banks of the Musi river. He called the police. A week later, the police arrested the accused and exposed the secret of the murder. The woman has been identified as Anuradha Reddy. She was 55 years old. She lived with Anuradha Mohan in Chaitanyapuri. She used to run money on interest and used to work as a nurse.

When the police reached the woman’s house, it was locked. People around told the police that she used to live with Chandramohan in this house. She had left her husband 15 years back and joined the accused. In fact, the accused had borrowed Rs 7 lakh from Anuradha in 2018. These days Anuradha was asking for her money. The accused was unable to return the money so conspired with him to kill Anuradha.

body parts were kept in the fridge

When the police searched Anuradha’s house, her body parts were found in the fridge. The accused had used room freshener and perfume spray throughout the house to mask the stench. Police have recovered a stone cutting machine, a knife, phenyl and dettol from the house of the accused.

Police said that on May 15, Mohan stabbed his live-in partner Anuradha in the chest with a knife. After this he searched on Google how to dispose of the dead body. He also searched with which weapons the dead body could be cut? After this he brought a stone cutting machine.


Hindu boy and Muslim girl were in the hotel room, people of special community entered the room, started making videos after the fight

Just as Aftab had arranged the pieces of Shraddha’s body in different parts, Chandra Mohan was also preparing to arrange the pieces of Anuradha’s body. He first threw the woman’s head on the banks of the Musi river and came home comfortably. When the police searched his house, they found that he had covered Anuradha’s body in polythene and kept it in a suitcase. He was now preparing to dispose of it. Both the hands and feet of the woman were kept in the fridge. Mohan’s mother and neighbors had no idea of ​​the murder. During this he kept using Anuradha’s phone. So that everyone feels that she is alive and living somewhere else.


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