West Bengal Election Result: West Bengal won the Lok Sabha elections, but Mamata lost the game! There will be brainstorming in Trinamool

In the Lok Sabha elections 2024, Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress (TMC) has won over the BJP in West Bengal, but the kind of victory is going to increase Mamata’s troubles. Especially when assembly elections are to be held in the state after two years and the BJP is intent on ousting the Trinamool from power.

Despite winning seven more seats (total 29) in 2024 than in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the reason for concern for Trinamool is that out of the 125 municipal corporations and municipal councils in the state, 60 percent are such where it is lagging behind BJP.

BJP has defeated Trinamool even in Mamta Banerjee’s assembly constituency. In the last two assembly elections, BJP has increased the number of its MLAs from 3 to 77.

This situation is even more worrying for the TMC in view of the 2026 assembly elections because TMC rules 124 out of 125 municipal bodies in the state. CPM is in power only in Taherpur Municipality of Nadia district.

According to reports, TMC chief and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has asked Kolkata Mayor Firhad Hakim to analyse these results and explain the reasons behind it.


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BJP was ahead in 16 out of 22 wards of Bolpur Municipality

TMC has lagged behind even in many such bodies where it has won the Lok Sabha elections. For example, Bolpur Lok Sabha seat, where TMC candidate Asit Kumar Mal has won the election by 3.27 lakh votes. But there BJP candidate Piya Saha has been ahead by 5800 votes in Bolpur town. BJP has been ahead in 16 out of 22 wards of the municipality here.

TMC lagged behind in 21 out of 24 wards in Bankura

Something similar has happened in Bankura Lok Sabha seat as well. Where TMC has lagged behind in 21 out of 24 wards of Bankura town even though it has won this Lok Sabha seat. A similar trend has been seen in Jhargram and Chinsurah Nagar Palika of Hooghly as well, where TMC candidates have won the respective Lok Sabha seats.

The trend of BJP’s lead in urban areas of West Bengal started from the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, when the party won 18 Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal whereas in 2014 it had won only 2 seats.


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BJP was ahead in 69 bodies

Even when the TMC won a landslide victory in the 2021 assembly elections and won 215 out of 294 seats in the state, the voting pattern in urban areas did not change. In the 2021 assembly elections, the BJP was ahead in 69 out of 125 municipal bodies in West Bengal.

TMC is also in power in Kolkata Municipal Corporation. BJP has been ahead in 45 out of 144 wards of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, whereas in the municipal elections held in 2021, BJP could win elections in only three wards here. In the wards of Kolkata Municipal Corporation where TMC is lagging behind, there are a large number of non-Bengali voters, especially English speaking voters.

TMC’s victory margin decreased even in Mamata’s seat

It would be important to mention the Bhabanipur assembly seat here. In the by-election held on the Bhabanipur assembly seat in September 2021, Mamata Banerjee won by a margin of 58,832 votes. But this time the margin of victory of TMC here has come down to just 8,297 votes. BJP has been ahead in 149 out of 269 booths in Bhabanipur.


West Bengal: Mamata had won the assembly seat by 58,832 votes, BJP got 54,164 votes in the Lok Sabha
Mamata Banerjee
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been an MLA from Bhabanipur since 2011. (Source-FB/MamataBanerjeeOfficial)

West Bengal Elections Results: BJP reached from 3 to 77 seats

In the last few years, the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in West Bengal have been limited to a contest between BJP and TMC. Assembly elections are also due in the state after two years and there is every possibility that the main contest will be between BJP and TMC. Although the results of the Lok Sabha elections have given TMC a psychological edge, BJP is also busy strengthening its political roots in West Bengal.

Year Seats won by BJP Seats won by TMC
2019 Lok Sabha Elections (42 seats) 18 22
2016 Assembly Elections (294 seats) 3 211
2024 Lok Sabha elections 12 29
2021 Assembly Elections 77 215
Election results in West Bengal.

Councillor offers to resign

TMC councillor Vijay Upadhyay from North Kolkata has offered to resign. He has said that he could not give a good lead to TMC candidate Sudip Bandyopadhyay from North Kolkata. Upadhyay has written a letter to Mayor Firhad Hakim and Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) Chairperson Mala Roy and offered his resignation.

Upadhyay has said that during the Kolkata Municipal Corporation elections, he had won his ward by 9,500 votes but this time he could give only a lead of 217 votes to Sudip Bandopadhyay.


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Bloody violence between BJP-TMC workers

In the last few years, whether it is Lok Sabha, Assembly or Panchayat elections in West Bengal, bloody clashes have been witnessed between BJP and TMC workers. In this, many workers of both the parties have died and hundreds of workers have been injured. This time too, during the Lok Sabha elections, there were fierce clashes between the workers of these two parties.


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