What happens if someone dies in space?

Countries all over the world, including India, are developing their space programs. For six decades, efforts have been made to discover the secret hidden in space. India is also preparing to send a man into space for the first time next year thanks to Gaganyaan. America is the only country to have sent men to the Moon. The question inevitably arises: what happens when the people involved in these dangerous missions lose their lives in space accidents? Let us tell you about it.

To date, 20 people have died during space travel. 14 people died in NASA space shuttle accidents in 1986 and 2003. Given the complexity of manned flight in space, it’s not surprising that we’re all involved. Three astronauts were killed on the Soyuz 11 mission in 1971, and three astronauts were killed in the fire on the Apollo 1 launch pad in 1967. But NASA plans to send a crew to the Moon in 2025 and astronauts to Mars within the next decade. As space travel becomes more commonplace, so does the possibility of someone dying en route. . Commercial spaceflight is becoming commonplace.

If the accident had happened on Mars
Things would be different if an astronaut died during the 300 million kilometer journey to Mars. In that case, the crew would probably not be able to turn back. On the contrary, at the end of the mission, a few years later, the astronaut’s body would have to return to Earth with the crew. In the meantime, the crew will probably store the body in a separate chamber or in a special body bag. The stable temperature and humidity inside the spacecraft should theoretically help preserve the body. But all these scenarios would only apply if a person died in a pressurized environment such as a space station or spaceship.

What would happen if a person went into space without the protection of a spacesuit?
The astronaut would die almost immediately. The loss of pressure and exposure to the vacuum of space would prevent the astronaut from breathing, and blood and other bodily fluids would boil away.

In the event of an accident in space

If someone dies during a mission in low-Earth orbit, for example aboard the International Space Station, the crew can return the body to Earth in a capsule within a few hours. If this were to happen on the Moon, the crew could return to Earth with the body in a matter of days. NASA already has detailed protocols for such situations. The number one priority will be to ensure that the rest of the crew returns safely to Earth. Given this rapid return, it is likely that body preservation will not be a major concern for NASA.

What would happen if an astronaut landed on the Moon or Mars without a spacesuit?

Atmospheric pressure on Mars is very low. There is none at all. The Moon has virtually no atmosphere – what there is is very thin and contains almost no oxygen. So the result will be the same as in space. Suffocation and boiling blood. What about burial? Suppose an astronaut dies after returning from Mars. Cremation is undesirable: it requires a great deal of energy, which the surviving members of the group need for other purposes. Bacteria and other organisms present on the bodies can contaminate the surface of Mars. Instead of being contaminated, the crew will probably keep the body in a special body bag until it can be brought back to Earth.


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