WhatsApp Chat Transfer: The hassle of cloud backup is over, how to transfer chat between two phones with QR code

WhatsApp Chat Transfer: With the new QR code method of WhatsApp, users can easily transfer chats between two devices.

WhatsApp Chat Transfer: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of WhatsApp’s parent company Meta, announced new features of the instant messaging app. Chat history can now be transferred between two devices in WhatsApp in a ‘more private’ way than before. With the new feature, users will be able to store their entire chat and media history without leaving the app for the first time. We are telling you how you can transfer chats between two devices running on the same operating system with the new QR based method.

How is the new approach different?

WhatsApp users had to back up their data on the cloud. And then cloud backup was used to move data between devices with the same operating system. After the introduction of the new method, there is no backup of chats on the cloud. Keep in mind that users should back up their data from time to time.

In the new method, users only need the QR code to transfer the chat. However, in this way users can also transfer large media files and attachments without backup and restore. WhatsApp says that the new method is faster.


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How to transfer WhatsApp chat using QR code

The first thing users need to do to adopt the new method to transfer chat history is to ensure that both the phones are switched on and connected to a Wi-Fi network.


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How to transfer chat from old to new phone?

1- First open WhatsApp on the old device

2- After this go to Settings > Chats > transfer chats. Then tap on the Start option on the screen

3- After this users will have to give permission for Nearby Wi-Fi Devices.

4- Users will have to scan a QR code from the old phone.

5- Once the scan process is completed, users will have to give consent for the transfer.

6- After this tap on Accept and then the transfer process will start.

It is worth noting that users will have to stay on the screen to transfer chats until the process is complete.

whatsapp security and privacy

WhatsApp says that this new method is ‘more secure than using unofficial third party apps’. Third party apps lack privacy practices and are more private than cloud services. According to WhatsApp, the transfer process remains authentic with the QR code. This data is only shared between the two devices and remains completely encrypted during transfer.


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